Apr 20 2017

5 Apartment Sized Sofas That Are Lifesavers #apartments #for #rent #in #ma

#apartment sofas


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5 Apartment-Sized Sofas That Are Lifesavers

Because small spaces are very limited, you need to figure out your priorities and allocate accordingly, says Marvin. Some people need a desk area, but not a dining area. Some people want a living area and would prefer a bed that folds up. Make the space work for your needs and don’t hold yourself to what is traditional in a home. It’s your home.


Photo By: Photographer: Christina Wedge

Float It

Designer Jason Landau loves mounting floating shelves wherever there is space. Because they float, this kind of shelving adds tons of storage but looks sleek and contemporary. And then go crazy with the stacking, he says.


Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

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