May 25 2019

About car sales + Video

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About car sales + Video, REMMONT.COM

About car sales

Find great deals from top-rated dealers

Everything you need to know

Best deals first

By comparing price, detailed vehicle data and dealer reviews, we give each used car a deal rating from “great” to “overpriced” and sort the best deals first.

Valuable insights

We provide free access to key info like dealer reviews, market value, price drops and days on the forecourt — all on one page

Personalised search

Our powerful search makes it easy to refine and personalise your results so you only see the cars and features you care about

Approved used for sale

Approved used for sale

Approved used for sale

Popular Hatchbacks

Audi A1 for sale

314 great deals out of 3,449 listings starting at £2,400

Audi A3 for sale

537 great deals out of 5,729 listings starting at £1,000

Audi A5 for sale

191 great deals out of 2,270 listings starting at £3,750

BMW 1 Series for sale

566 great deals out of 5,299 listings starting at £1,250

Citroen C1 for sale

105 great deals out of 2,088 listings starting at £1,200

Citroen C3 for sale

116 great deals out of 1,861 listings starting at £595

Citroen C4 Cactus for sale

81 great deals out of 1,296 listings starting at £5,980

Fiat 500 for sale

286 great deals out of 5,463 listings starting at £2,189

Ford EcoSport for sale

114 great deals out of 1,652 listings starting at £6,989

Ford Fiesta for sale

725 great deals out of 12,941 listings starting at £500

Ford Focus for sale

580 great deals out of 9,871 listings starting at £695

Ford Mondeo for sale

189 great deals out of 2,406 listings starting at £500

Honda Civic for sale

224 great deals out of 3,032 listings starting at £625

Honda Jazz for sale

179 great deals out of 2,713 listings starting at £500

Hyundai i10 for sale

109 great deals out of 2,171 listings starting at £1,495

Hyundai i30 for sale

90 great deals out of 1,460 listings starting at £1,295

Kia Picanto for sale

85 great deals out of 1,540 listings starting at £895

Kia ceed for sale

97 great deals out of 1,585 listings starting at £690

Land Rover Range Rover Evoque for sale

252 great deals out of 2,888 listings starting at £10,980

MINI Cooper for sale

433 great deals out of 5,975 listings starting at £490

MINI Countryman for sale

155 great deals out of 1,550 listings starting at £5,500

Mazda Mazda2 for sale

91 great deals out of 1,367 listings starting at £1,000

Mercedes-Benz A- > 321 great deals out of 4,064 listings starting at £999
Nissan Juke for sale

373 great deals out of 4,875 listings starting at £3,980

Nissan Micra for sale

139 great deals out of 2,346 listings starting at £550

Nissan Note for sale

140 great deals out of 1,535 listings starting at £990

Nissan Qashqai for sale

579 great deals out of 7,029 listings starting at £1,490

Peugeot 108 for sale

71 great deals out of 1,700 listings starting at £3,990

Peugeot 208 for sale

195 great deals out of 3,496 listings starting at £2,990

Peugeot 308 for sale

99 great deals out of 1,596 listings starting at £1,295

Renault Captur for sale

168 great deals out of 2,181 listings starting at £5,489

Renault Clio for sale

265 great deals out of 3,698 listings starting at £275

Renault Megane for sale

113 great deals out of 1,464 listings starting at £500

Seat Ibiza for sale

155 great deals out of 2,408 listings starting at £750

Seat Leon for sale

185 great deals out of 2,632 listings starting at £1,295

Skoda Fabia for sale

179 great deals out of 2,578 listings starting at £690

Suzuki Swift for sale

93 great deals out of 1,386 listings starting at £795

Toyota AYGO for sale

138 great deals out of 2,334 listings starting at £897

Toyota Auris for sale

85 great deals out of 1,351 listings starting at £999

Toyota Yaris for sale

140 great deals out of 2,648 listings starting at £995

Vauxhall ADAM for sale

65 great deals out of 1,703 listings starting at £3,490

Vauxhall Astra for sale

486 great deals out of 6,714 listings starting at £400

Vauxhall Corsa for sale

660 great deals out of 10,550 listings starting at £595

Vauxhall Mokka for sale

236 great deals out of 2,740 listings starting at £4,995

Volkswagen Golf for sale

726 great deals out of 8,618 listings starting at £695

Volkswagen Polo for sale

360 great deals out of 4,745 listings starting at £450

Volvo V40 for sale

148 great deals out of 1,826 listings starting at £5,290

Popular SUVs / Crossovers

Audi Q3 for sale

192 great deals out of 1,763 listings starting at £8,000

Audi Q5 for sale

160 great deals out of 1,561 listings starting at £7,450

Ford Kuga for sale

282 great deals out of 4,471 listings starting at £3,250

Honda CR-V for sale

235 great deals out of 2,476 listings starting at £1,100

Hyundai Tucson for sale

163 great deals out of 1,600 listings starting at £630

Kia Sportage for sale

302 great deals out of 3,386 listings starting at £1,495

Land Rover Discovery Sport for sale

131 great deals out of 1,493 listings starting at £9,250

Land Rover Range Rover Sport for sale

179 great deals out of 2,813 listings starting at £3,500

Land Rover Range Rover for sale

81 great deals out of 1,679 listings starting at £2,495

Nissan X-Trail for sale

109 great deals out of 1,390 listings starting at £995

Peugeot 2008 SUV for sale

69 great deals out of 1,284 listings starting at £6,811

Renault Kadjar for sale

123 great deals out of 1,296 listings starting at £8,980

Volkswagen Tiguan for sale

264 great deals out of 2,466 listings starting at £3,695

Popular Saloons

Audi A4 for sale

156 great deals out of 2,270 listings starting at £1,495

Audi A6 Saloon for sale

120 great deals out of 1,376 listings starting at £1,795

BMW 3 Series for sale

562 great deals out of 6,659 listings starting at £999

BMW 5 Series for sale

231 great deals out of 2,631 listings starting at £1,789

Jaguar XF for sale

146 great deals out of 1,791 listings starting at £3,450

Mercedes-Benz C- > 426 great deals out of 6,173 listings starting at £695
Mercedes-Benz E- > 204 great deals out of 3,621 listings starting at £1,495
Vauxhall Insignia for sale

207 great deals out of 2,396 listings starting at £1,495

Popular Vans

Ford Transit Custom for sale

88 great deals out of 2,428 listings starting at £5,250

Ford Transit for sale

154 great deals out of 2,421 listings starting at £895

Vauxhall Vivaro for sale

78 great deals out of 1,576 listings starting at £1,995

Volkswagen Transporter for sale

25 great deals out of 1,847 listings starting at £5,650

Popular Estates

Skoda Octavia for sale

213 great deals out of 2,533 listings starting at £490

Volkswagen Passat for sale

148 great deals out of 1,915 listings starting at £599

Volvo XC60 for sale

196 great deals out of 1,670 listings starting at £4,490

Popular MPVs

BMW 2 Series for sale

93 great deals out of 1,320 listings starting at £7,490

Ford C-MAX for sale

111 great deals out of 1,504 listings starting at £835

Vauxhall Mokka X for sale

108 great deals out of 1,519 listings starting at £9,500

Popular Coupes

BMW 4 Series for sale

155 great deals out of 1,861 listings starting at £10,000

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