Nov 10 2017

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Affordable Artists’ Studios to Rent

Acme provides affordable non-residential studio space for fine artists who are unable to afford to rent workspace on the open market. The average cost of an Acme studio is 11.15 per square foot per year or 279per monthfor a 300f (28m ) studio. The rent for an Acme studio is on average one third of that charged for physically comparable workspace available commercially.*

Acme is committed to ensuring that as many of our studio buildings as possible are physically accessible to users and the public. We are also committed to making adaptations to studios, wherever practicable, to meet the needs of artists with particular disabilities. When allocating studio space we reserve the right to give priority to disabled artists.

The map on the right shows the location of Acme’s studio buildings in London. Click on the studios in the map or in the toolbar above for more information about each building.

In addition to its London studios, Acme manages six studios at the Breageside Net Loft in Cornwall.

Acme currently manages over 573 individual non-residential studio units across 16 sites, 15 in Greater London and one in Cornwall. The sites and the buildings vary in size – there are 132 studios in our Childers Street building and 12 at Harrow Road. Seven sites are owned by Acme and are therefore permanent, the others are held on leases which are mostly long term. The majority of our studios are self-contained and the average size is 372f (35m ).


If you have any questions about our waiting list or allocation policy. please contact:

*See Commercial Workspace Provision for Visual Artists in ‘Further Reading’.

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