Aug 13 2017

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Everyone has to start somewhere. If you are a beginner new to acting then this is a great place to start. The classes listed in this section are considered by the studio director to be suitable for those people who are just starting out in actor training. Prior experience would not be needed to enroll in these classes. However, some of the participants will have had limited prior experience.

Term: 6 weeks – 180 hours Fee: $2500

Next Deadline: June 20, 2017

6-Week Acting Conservatory (30 hours per week) is a 6-week, acting-for-film stage, professional Meisner training program which focuses on instrument development, and is designed to train actors in the beginning techniques of Meisner Acting Technique, Improvisation, Emotional preparation, Text Analysis/Cold Reading, Scene Study, Contemporary Movement, Voice/Speech, Singing, Stage Violence, Acting for the Camera. It is a rigorous, intensive program for students seeking to commit to 6-weeks of the highest level of training offered in New York designed to begin their development into well-grounded, professional artists capable of acting in film, TV and theatre.

The 6-Week Acting Conservatory offers a progressive, 30-hour per week curriculum of classes taught Monday through Friday for six weeks.
(For schedule click full details above.)

  • Acting For Beginners – Meisner Technique – Sep 25 – (full details)

    Term: 10 weeks Fee: $675

    Acting For Beginners – Meisner Technique is an introduction to Sanford Meisner s approach to developing a foundational acting technique. This acting class is a step-by-step progression of acting exercises that develop the actor s ability to work organically, creating truthful, expressive behavior in acting. This acting class covers the beginning Meisner techniques from word repetition through their first application to a scene and serves as a studio audition for people new to acting. It is by far the best beginner acting class in New York City. (For schedule click full details above.)

  • Actuar en EspaƱol – Meisner Tecnica – Sep 25 – (full details)

    Term: 10 weeks Fee: $600

    Actuaci n para principiantes La T cnica Meisner se imparte completamente en castellano. Es una introducci n a la estrategia de Sanford Meisner para desarrollar una t cnica fundamental de la actuaci n. Este curso de actuaci n se lleva acabo de manera progresiva en una serie de ejercicios de actuaci n desarrollados paso a paso que desarrollan la capacidad del actor de trabajar naturalmente, y desarrollar comportamiento verdaderamente expresivo en la actuaci n. Este curso de actuaci n cubre las t cnicas de principiante de Meisner, desde la repetici n de palabras hasta la aplicaci n de ellas en la primera puesta en escenas adem s sirve como una audici n de estudio para aquellas personas que empiezan en la actuaci n. Es sin duda, el mejor curso de actuaci n en la ciudad de Nueva York. (For schedule click full details above.)

  • Foreign Accent Reduction – Sep 30, Oct 15 – (full details)

    Term: 8 weeks Fee: $450

    The class is designed for the student whose first language is not English and/or the student who is bilingual but has a strong foreign native language accent. This class will enable the student to isolate and identify English sounds not in their native language and practice producing these sounds in a natural, fluid manner so as to minimize their native accents. (For schedule click full details above.)

  • Meisner 6-Week Summer Intensive – Jun 25 – (full details)

    Term: 6 weeks Fee: $650

    This acting class is a “summer-only,” 6-week intensive session (3 times per week) and covers the same curriculum and instruction as our “Introduction to Meisner-Acting Technique” class (10-weeks). It covers the beginning Meisner techniques from word repetition through the first application of the techniques to a scene. It is an excellent starting point for beginner actors.
    (For schedule click full details above.)

    Term: t/b/d Fee: $95 /hr; $420 /5-hr pkg ($84/hr); “Day of” rate (less than 24 hrs.) $125 /hour ; 48-hour cancellation notice is required.

    In all areas of acting, auditioning, public speaking, directing and playwriting, the Studio offers private coaching for actors working on theatre/film/TV roles, or those needing audition preparation. Also for people seeking monologue, scene study classwork, voice speech, accent reduction and/or MFA graduate program preparation.
    (For schedule click full details above.)

    Term: 8 weeks minimum Fee: $450 /8 wks; $200 /4-class extension

    Scene Study offers the intermediate level actor on-going practice on his/her craft through scene study and occasional monologue work. The class meets once a week and focuses on the analysis of the text and on how the actor s technique is used to build the scene.
    (For schedule click full details above.)

    Term: 8 weeks Fee: $380

    This class provides the fundamentals of practical stage and screen violence for the modern actor. The curriculum is extremely physically oriented, covering a variety of techniques that reflect the wide range of demands that are placed on actors in contemporary film and theater work. (For schedule click full details above.)

    Term: 8 weeks Fee: $450

    Voice-over 1 introduces students to the fundamentals of voice-over work – from using the breath effectively to creating an interesting and fun range of characters. The primary focus of the class will involve a hands-on workshop approach to training the student to work with commercial copy, narration, dramatic and comedic scripts.
    (For schedule click full details above.)

    Term: 8 weeks Fee: $380

    The class focuses on voice for the first 45-60 minutes and focuses on speech for another hour. The voice training helps the actor to eliminate existing throat tensions and covers relaxation, breath support, sound connection, and sound release and then continues with the development of mask resonance, vocal ring, resonance blending, range enhancement, and articulation.
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    Halfway into their 10-week Introduction to Meisner class I was hooked and seriously thinking about acting as a career. I finished their full acting program one year ago and am still involved with The Acting Studio community, still working, learning, and growing. James Price and John Grabowski are

    Rosa Rodriguez-graduate 2010

    James Price is without question one of the greatest acting coaches – fostering, nurturing, and challenging each and every student while uniquely ferreting out their strengths and weaknesses, and enhancing them in a way that allowed virtually everyone to come out of the class as better actors, technicians,

    Jeff Ashkenes

    James Price is a gifted artist, teacher, and human being whose mission in life is sharing his authority and love of acting with each and every one of his students. His attention and perception are uncanny, and I will never forget him or the time that I spent in his classroom.

    James Price is a teacher in the truest sense of the word, and, by being his student, my life (acting and otherwise) has been permanently changed for the better. I have just commenced on the long road to understanding the truth of what acting really is, and I am blessed to have James

    Rahoul Roy

    What I loved most about my experience at The Acting Studio – New York is that James never had to convince us that he knew what he was talking about – from the beginning of the first class to the end of the last he set about shaping us into more skilled actors, and to be honest, more skilled human

    Chelsea Watts

    I walked away from the Studio s Performance Workshop feeling confident and capable as a professional actor. James Price and John Grabowski are amazing teachers who are dedicated and meticulous, and who provide honest, in-depth critiques of our work. The Acting Studio – New York has an incredible

    Carmen Balentine-graduate 2007

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