May 25 2019

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  • Three-fifths of Alabama’s natural gas production came from onshore wells during 2017, and nearly two-thirds of that onshore production came from coalbed methane—a natural gas derived from coal seams.
  • In 2017, Mobile was the second-largest port of entry for U.S. coal imports and the fourth-largest port for coal exports.
  • Alabama’s Browns Ferry nuclear power plant, with three reactors, has the second-largest generating capacity in the U.S. at 3,310 megawatts and is second only to Arizona’s Palo Verde nuclear power plant.
  • Alabama ranks 7th among the states in net electricity generation, and typically about one-third of that electricity is delivered to neighboring states.
  • Alabama has the third-largest timberland acreage among the Lower 48 states, and the resulting wood and wood waste are key contributors to the state’s ranking of fifth in the nation in electricity generation from biomass.

Last Updated: May 17, 2018

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