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Apartments for Rent in Dubai, UAE – Dubai Classifieds #madrid #apartments

#apartments for rent in dubai


Apartments for Rent in Dubai, UAE

Studios, flats and apartments for rent in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

For Tenants – Tips to Finding a Good Apartment in Dubai :

The only secret when looking for an Apartment in Dubai is to be active and act fast. Do not look only through the first 5 listings, it is very possible that Dubai flats for rent that where posted 2 months ago are still available. Do not hesitate when you find the apartment that suits all your requirements. Even though the economic crisis changed the situation and accommodation in Dubai is becoming cheaper and cheaper. Affordable Dubai apartments are taken immediately, and you should sign a lease and hand over a deposit whenever the first opportunity arrives. Do not forget to take a letter of employment and your chequebook to be able to act instantly when the chance to find the best apartment in Dubai arrives.

To use the search functionality on Dubai-BB more efficiently you should write descriptive search phrases like:
“2 BR apartment for rent”. searching with this phrase will usually show all the two bedroom apartments that are available for rent. Otherwise if you seach for “2 BR apartment” only, you can also get listings from the accommodation wanted, property for sale and sharing accommodation sections which is probably not what you want. You can also include the specific location like Jumeirah, Bur Dubai, Sharjah, Deira and so on in you search phrase if you are looking for accommodation in a specific location in Dubai.

Types of Dubai apartments : The system of describing the apartments for rent in Dubai is borrowed from the US and UK and is as follows:

  • A Studio Apartment or Bachelor Flat – means a one room apartment that has a kitchen and a bathroom. Sometimes there is no separate kitchen and there is a cooker and a sink integrated in the only room. Studio apartments in Dubai can range from very large with enough room for a separate sitting area, a king-size bed and an area for dining, to very small apartments, just big enough for a desk and a one person bed
  • 1 BR or one bedroom apartment – is a two rooms apartment, one room being a bedroom usually with a separate closed and the other being a living room. There is usually a big separate kitchen and bathroom in one bedroom apartments in Dubai.
  • 2 BR ot two bedroom apartments – are similar to the above only they have an additional bedroom. So 2 BR apartments have a total of 3 rooms, on kitchen, and usually 2 bathrooms – one bathroom for each bedroom.
  • 3 BR or three bedroom apartments – are apartments with 4 rooms, 3 of which are bedrooms and onle living room, a separate kitchen and several bathrooms.
  • 4+ BR or four and more bedroom apartments – are similar to the three bedroom flats but they have additional bedrooms and possibly bathrooms.
  • Penthouse Apartments in Dubai – are usually situated on the top floor of skyscrapers or appartment buildings, usually featuring a rooftop deck or extra balconies. Dubai penthouse apartments are generally considered to be luxurious and are quite expensive to live in.

For Landlords – Advertising Your Dubai Apartments for Rent via Dubai Bulletin Board :

First thing to remember when posting an “Apartment For Rent” advert is to choose the right category and write a correct title for your advert. The title should include the Number of bedrooms. the exact location in Dubai. the type of property: studio, flat or apartment and the phrase to Rent or for Rent. This is important because our search is powered by Google and your advert will be found more often with this kind of title. Here are some examples of good listing titles: “3 BR Apartment For Rent in Bur Dubai”, “Studio Flat To Rent in Deirah Dubai”

If you have multiple real estate properties for rent we advice you to post multiple separate rental ads for each property listed in their specific categories, this way you will offer the potential tenants more relevant search results which will increase your chances to lease your property. It is a bad practice to mix villas and apartments for rent in the same advert since people that are looking for apartments usually can not afford to rent a whole house.

Adding images to your listings: Adding appealing photos to your rental adverts is a very good practice and may increase your chances to find a tenant. You should pay attention how you name the image files though. For example a photo with the following file name flat_for_rent_deirah_dubai.jpg will yield much better results in searches than a Dubai apartment photo with a file name like this asdf3241123431ljk.jpg

Disclaimer: Dubai-BB.com or Dubai Bulletin Board is a free online Dubai Classifieds website open to the public, so anyone can post their advertisements here. The Administration of Dubai Bulletin Board is not responsible for the content of ads placed here. We can’t check how accurate is the information in the ads so while using it precaution is never out of place.
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