Aug 31 2017

Apartments for Rent in Los Angeles, CA – 2855 Rentals #des #moines #apartments

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Apartments for Rent in Los Angeles, CA

About Los Angeles

Thinking of moving to Los Angeles? Here’s what you need to know.

The City of Angels continues to shine like a beacon in Southern California. Los Angeles (L.A.) draws throngs of visitors and transplants daily, all looking to soak in the SoCal lifestyle and sunny, mild climate. The sprawling Los Angeles County claims a massive population towering over 10 million, however the city still welcomes with open arms all those that wish to join the fun.

Who’s There?

Angelinos are notoriously health conscious and proud of their lifestyle. The fitness industry takes center stage on nearly every street corner along with public beaches and parks. The famous outdoor gym on Venice Beach still attracts some of the most hardcore bodybuilders from around the world. The movie industry has famously called Los Angeles home for decades, however they are far from the only business in town. Los Angeles is an international business center with financial services and banking taking center stage. Tourism also adds a significant chunk to the local economy. Gourmet food trucks are commonplace in Los Angeles. The growing national trend of food trucks can be attributed in part to the creativity and success of the local truck scene.

What’s Around Los Angeles?

Outdoor options such as surfing, skiing, and biking are all within reach. The city itself boasts downtown skyscrapers, hip neighborhoods, small colleges and behemoth universities, and of course Disneyland. Runyon Canyon, home to the iconic Hollywood sign, provides excellent hiking trails. The Los Angeles Community Garden Council invites residents without space or resources a chance to grow their own produce in 125 gardens around the city. Public transportation is far-reaching and prolific, however most residents own a car and use it plenty, contributing to the area’s notorious traffic congestion.

What Do You Do In Los Angeles ?

For those watching their wallets, there’s hardly a better way to take in amazing sights than taking a bike ride along the Marvin Braude Bike Trail, more commonly know as The Strand. The perfectly flat path stretching from Torrance County Beach northward to Will Rogers State Beach covers 22 miles of unforgettable coastline and people-watching. The city offers visitors and locals dozens of farmers markets to take advantage of the wide variety of local produce. Among the favorites, residents tout the farmers market held every Sunday in Hollywood for the selection of food, drink, arts and crafts.

Los Angeles Neighborhoods

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