Mar 22 2018

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Apartment Rentals in Paris

With over 20 years of Paris real estate experience, Paris Housing is the ideal solution to buy or rent a flat in Paris and its western suburbs.

Tailored property services for apartment rentals in Paris

Do you need to rent a flat in Paris? We’ll assist you in finding the right apartment for you in Paris, as well as providing personalised support throughout your lease period from your first visit to the day you leave your rental. Choose the apartment that meets all your needs in terms of location, budget and style from our handpicked selection of rental properties in Paris’ most beautiful and prestigious areas.

  • Short term apartment rentals in Paris
    • Find flat or apartments rentals in Paris with a short term contract from a wide choice of properties.
    • Benefit from an advantageous lease of less than 12 months for short term rentals in Paris.
    • Draw on our many years of real estate expertise in renting short term accommodation.
  • Long term apartment rentals in Paris
    • Access our handpicked listings of flats and apartments for long term Paris rentals.
    • Get optimum conditions for your long term apartment when you rent in Paris.
    • Make the most of our experience in Paris property, especially long term rentals.
  • Furnished apartment rentals in Paris
    • Find your furnished rental in Paris from a handpicked selection of studios and apartments.
    • Make sure you get the best possible conditions when you rent your furnished Paris property.
    • Benefit from our knowledge of the furnished rental market to ensure you make the right choices.
  • Unfurnished apartment rentals in Paris
    • Find your ideal property from a careful choice of unfurnished apartments in Paris.
    • Negotiate optimised rental conditions for your chosen unfurnished apartment.
    • Make renting an unfurnished flat in Paris easy using our extensive property experience.

More information about how to rent a flat in Paris? Contact us today.

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