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App Admin: downgrade App Store apps right from your jailbroken iPhone #app #store #apps,downgrade,jailbreak,jailbreak #apps # # #tweaks,featured,news


Late last year, we showed you how to downgrade App Store apps directly from Apple using iTunes. The method was anything but straightforward, but it did indeed work.

Today, I d like to show you a brand new method for downgrading App Store apps. Not only is it much easier than the old method, but it runs right on your iPhone, so no computer is required. The only downside is that you must be jailbroken to use this method, as it relies on a jailbreak tweak that s now in beta. That said, it s way easier than the prior method that doesn t require a jailbreak.

Want to see how easy it is to downgrade virtually any App Store app using only a jailbroken iPhone? Watch our video and see UnlimApp s new jailbreak tweak. App Admin. in action.

Once App Admin (formerly App Control) is installed, you ll be prompted to downgrade to previous versions of all of your favorite apps when downloading from the App Store. App Admin is smart enough to keep a running list of all of the previously downloaded versions of apps, and it uses this data to provide users with a quickly accessible list of previous app versions to downgrade to.

Downgrading apps made easy

You also have the ability to go way back in time by providing the version number of the app you wish to downgrade. This version number can be obtained via the app s iTunesMetadata.plist in /private/var/mobile/Containers/Bundle/Application/. This is basically doing the exact same thing that we showed you in our previous downgrade tutorial. albeit with a lot less legwork on the user end.

Use iTunesMetadata.plist to find older version numbers via an app like iFile

Although App Admin is still in development, UnlimApps has opened up beta access. Just click this link on your jailbroken iPhone to add the beta.

Going old school

UnlimApps says that he will add additional features like auto-update blocking, and URL schemes so that developers can point to specific versions of apps for tweaks that require older versions. All in all, App Admin is shaping up to be a solid new release, and one that will no doubt be much appreciated by those in the community.

Oh, and did I mention that it s free? Yep, even after beta, App Admin will be a free jailbreak tweak available for all of your App Store app downgrading needs.

What do you think?

apple won t let devices on ios 3.1.3 download older app versions so basically it is possible to download just a bunch of games and that s it, no twitter, facebook, eBay. nothing that you purchased in years
ok im pretty sure that there are good reasons to dont use older apps becouse of their low security but what I have is to have a ipod totally empty. so thnx to this method now at least the device looks populated again

(JailbreakQA) King Shoot

There is. For example, what if I don t like the Like feature in Twitter and want to downgrade to a version that had Favorites ? Easily done with this tweaks.

yeah but this reason is not that big compared with older devices that can t download twitter or Facebook at all

Awesome. As much as I like the new UI of Waze, more is lost than gained with their latest version. Even though I have all my IPAs saved at home, and I can easily downgrade using iTunes, by the time I get home I forget. but now thanks to this article + tweak, I can downgrade on_the_fly! WooHoo. Thank you VERY VERY MUCH.

Whoa. What s up with the AD once I open up the AppStore? NOT COOL! Can someone PLEASE check this tweak and uasharedtools package this tweak installs with to see if they re violating any trust or stealing any information? THANKS.

No ads here, and that s without running any ad-blockers.

It was an orange box at the top, almost like a notifications banner, but it was much bigger, said to check something out on BigBoss. it s possible you missed it. let s see if anyone else noticed it

I would have seen it if it was there, sounds like another tweak triggered it.

I downgraded an ios app, then added it to the admin app blocked app updates section. When i try to open the app, it asks me to update and i cant use it. Any idea why? I need the old version

After successfully downgrading, I open the older app version ie: Bravo..and I get this The version you are using is no longer compatible, please upgrade to new version to continue using this app . But I m jailbroke on ios 8.1.2 and I don t want to upgrade my ios to 9 or higher just to be able to use the current version of the app i m trying to use.
So this check prompt the app developers are doing makes this tweak sorta useless now because after you download the older version, you can not use it. It won t let you get pass the landing page on the app with the annoying update prompt now message.
There should be a tweak in cydia that bypass this check prompt so when you roll back to older versions with will work, sorta like that jailbreak detection bypass tweak..

The app crashed when I tried to play it can I fix this I tried it with 2 apps and it did the same thing each time it would go in to the app and it would play for 5 seconds bet then it would jump out of the app back to the home screen

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