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Shared Space/ARToolKit Download Page

The Shared Space project uses the ARToolKit computer vision tracking libraries. ARtoolKit is a software library that can be used to calculate camera position and orientation relative to physical markers in real time. This enables the easy development of a wide range of augmented reality applciations. Some of the features of ARToolKit includes:

  • use of a single camera for position/orientation tracking.
  • fiduccial tracking code that uses simple black squares.
  • pattern matching software that allows any marker patterns to be used.
  • calibration code for video and optical see-through applications.
  • fast enough performance for real time augmented reality applications.
  • SGI and Windows 95/98/NT distributions (with examples and documentation).
  • distributed with complete source code (version 2.11 and higher).

April 15th Thanks to researchers at the National University of Singapore there is a MatLab version of ARToolKit available – check the download section.

April 10th Dr. Kato has completed an Mac version of ARToolKit – for Mac OS X. Download you copy today !

Feb 22nd ARToolKit 2.60 with Firewire support for Linux is released – check the download section.

Jan 30th ARToolKit 2.52 with VRML support is released – check the download section.

Jan 11th ARToolKit 2.52 is released – check the download section. This includes version for both the Microsoft Vision SDK (version 1.2) and DirectShow libraries (DirectX version 8.1).

Jan 4th Mark Billinghurst – finally defends his PhD. Now he can work on ARToolKit full time !

May 20th The MagicPaddle application wins the pretigious Laval Virtual Grand Jury Prize for the best VR application of 2001 !

May 10th The Seattle Art Museum projects opens. A 5 month virtual dig experience based on ARToolKit technology.

April 21st – May 6th BCFlora, an ARToolKit artistic application, is shown at the Boston CyberArts festival. BCFlora uses ARToolKit and genetic algorithms to allow people to breed virtual plants in an AR setting.

Oct 5-6th ISAR 2000: Two demonstrations based on ARToolKit were shown at the International Symposium on Augmented Reality (ISAR 2000). You can find out more about these demonstrations here

Sept 3rd The MagicBook project is featured on the KCPQ13 TV news program. You can watch the news report here

August 16th\ A new version of ARToolKit for the PC that works with Microsoft Vision SDK version 1.2 and improved instructions for installation -click here for details.

July 23rd-28th: Siggraph 2000 We showed the MagicBook and ARGroove applications based on ARToolKit. More than 2,000 people tried the software over the week – phew !

Supporting Software

Other Versions (April 2002)

Download Version 2.61 (April 2002)

NOTE: These downloads do not include documentation. Please download the documentation separately.

Download Version 2.52 (Jan 2002)

NOTE: These downloads do not include documentation. Please download the documentation separately.

Download Version 2.43 (August 2001)

Download Version 2.40

Download Version 2.33

NOTE: These downloads do not include documentation. Please download the documentation separately.

Download Version 2.11

NOTE: These downloads do not include documentation. Please dowload the documentation separately.

ARToolKit2.11 Software [304K] (Linux Version) Note that this is very much alpha software.
Please contact Benjamin Close for more information email: CLOBS001 students.unisa.edu.au

Download Version 1.0


H.Kato, M. Billinghurst, I. Poupyrev, K. Imamoto, K. Tachibana.Virtual Object Manipulation on a Table-Top AR Environment. In Proceedings of ISAR 2000, Oct 5th-6th, 2000. [438Kb pdf File]

M. Billinghurst, H.Kato, M. Billinghurst, I. Poupyrev. The MagicBook: Moving Seamlessly between Reality and Virtuality In IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, May/June, 2001, pp. 2-4. [134Kb pdf File]

The ARToolKit Mailing List

To do this send email to majordomo hitl.washington.edu with the words “subscribe artoolkit” in the body of the email. After you’re subscribed if you send email to artoolkit hitl.washington.edu it will be broadcast to all members of the mailing list. There is also a searchable archive of the mailing list.

Coming Soon!

NOTE: ARToolKit is distributed free for non-commercial or research applications. For commercial uses of ARToolKit or other questions please contact Mark Billinghurst:

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