Oct 5 2017

Aston Martin Lagonda interior revealed #aston #martin #interior


Aston Martin Lagonda interior revealed


Aston Martin fans have received a few glimpses at the exterior of the new Lagonda sedan, but it wasn t until a few days ago that the company revealed the interior of the new luxury flagship. Destined to go on sale (or rather be offered for commissioning ) in the Middle East and nowhere else, the all-new Lagonda sedan is expected to have a price tag north of 400,000, or approximately $640,000. That would put it into direct competition with the Rolls-Royce Phantom. the upcoming Mercedes-Benz Pullman. and pretty much nothing else.

The most unusual feature of the interior (and with a Lagonda things are bound to be unusual) is the design of the seats, which features a unique quilted pattern on the cushion and seat back bolsters. The pattern extends to the back of seats, as well as the doors and the roof lining. Photos of interior also reveal the fact that Aston Martin made an effort to maximize rear legroom and headroom, both things that the Rapide sedan lacks. This is not a five-seater, and the interior has been executed with a very high-set console/transmission tunnel, which includes infotainment system access for the rear-seat passengers.

The interior will be just as exclusive, and will offer the headroom and legroom that the Rapide does not. Photo by Aston Martin

Mercedes-Benz is set to debut the Pullman version of the current S-class in early 2015, and the four-door, six-seat model will be developed and built by tuner Brabus. The new Pullman, based on the.

Prior to the debut of the Lagonda, many were expecting a price tag closer to that of the Rapide, as well as wider market availability given the increased importance of the Asian market for the brand. But Aston Martin says around 100 examples of the Lagonda, which is widely expected to use a version of the 5.9-liter corporate V12 engine, will be built. The Lagonda is also expected to use a six-speed automatic transmission sending power to the rear wheels, and to have a top speed in the region of 200 mph. And since the Lagonda will be heading to the Middle East, we expect that top speed to be tested out by at least a handful of customers.

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