Oct 5 2017

Barrie Apartments for Rent #apartments #in #jacksonville #nc

#apartments for rent in barrie


Barrie Apartments For Rent


The radius filter will search for properties within your selected proximity. Depending on the distance you choose, the radius will search for properties within that distance in every direction from the center pin. To change your distance, simply select one of the following options (1km, 2km, 4km, 8km, 16km), and then press ‘UPDATE RADIUS’.

Center Pin

This is the starting point for your map search. When a distance is selected, it will search that distance starting from this position. You can drag and drop this pin to where ever you’d like on the map .

Turn Off

If you choose to not use the radius feature you can turn it off by selecting the ‘off’ option, and pressing ‘UPDATE RADIUS’.

*Note: This feature will display ALL properties within a given radius. This means that properties from other cities will appear if you put the center pin within proximity. Turning the radius off will only display properties within your selected city.

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