Oct 2 2017

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Do you want to work as a SUCCESSFUL On-Camera Personality.

You may be an emerging YouTuber, Social Media Influencer, Reality Star or established Digital Personality with a growing fan base – which is fantastic because you’re already heading in the right direction! What you may NOT know, however, is that networks and production companies who are hiring people like YOU are discovering that yourfan base and followers are not following you from social media to TV. YIKES…Why.

Or, on an equally important note – perhaps you’ve already worked consistently as an on-camera host for several years. But you seem to have hit a road block within the last 12 months and are unable to get hired in this new social, digital, interactive dawn of media because you are working from the old model/style of hosting. Generic, polished hosty-hosts are OUT, and relatable personalities are IN.

So HOW can you learn how to translate your digital and social media presence to TV? Or HOW can you reinvent yourself as digital and broadcast merge in this new social, digital, interactive dawn of media?

The solution to all of the above is simple — EDUCATE YOURSELVES in this new era of talent from the number 1 Media Coach in the world who knows the business from every angle – management, casting, consulting, production, coaching, selling shows and connecting with buyers daily. Check your ego at the door and enter into the new millennium. Marki Costello will show you, guide you and coach you on how to engage, enlighten and educate, simply by being YOU.

So do something TODAY that your future self will thank you for. You can afford to invest in yourself, and when you do, you can rest assured that people will be lining up to invest in you too…

…because the business has changed. Have you.

Check out Shae Wilbur’s Become A Host Success Story!

If you’re an emerging or established TV host, you’re in the right place. Here are just a few of the big names we’ve worked with:

Let’s take your hosting career to the next level. What are you waiting for?

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