Jul 31 2017

Before you get started: The Graduate School – Northwestern University #northwestern #grad #school


Before you get started.

Let’s first make sure you are using the correct application form. Please review the following questions based on your current and intended academic statuses and proceed from there.

Have you ever applied to Northwestern University?

  • Yes ; Proceed with the following questions and ensure you meet the “Who” criteria.

Who: Prospective students who have not previously been matriculated into a TGS program and are applying to The Graduate School at Northwestern to be a graduate student. See below if interested in Bachelor s/Master s Combined Degree program.

Are you a current TGS student ?

A) Who: Students admitted to The Graduate School who wish to change the degree sought within the same program they are currently in (e.g. non-degree to Master s; Master s to PhD; PhD to Master s).

B) Who: Students admitted to The Graduate School who wish to transfer to a new program in The Graduate School.

Are you a TGSalumni OR previously admitted and withdrawn from a TGS program?

Who: Individuals who have already earned a degree from TGS and wish to apply to a new program;
Or Individuals who have been admitted to TGS in the past, but stopped registering for more than one term;
Or Individuals who have been withdrawn from the University.

Are you interested in one of our non-degree programs.

Who: Students who are interested in studying as a non-degree seeking students through TGS. (Students applying as a non-degree seeking through The School of Professional Studies’ Office of Special Students. will not need to complete TGS’s application but should visit the SPS webpage .)

Are you interested in our Bachelor s/Master s Combined Degree program?

Who: Current Northwestern undergraduate students in certain undergraduate programs have the opportunity to pursue a concurrent, combined bachelor s degree program.

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