Oct 3 2016

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Berlin Culture: Travel, sports, events, business guides

BERLIN, GERMANY is a city which is rich in culture and steeped in history, particularly with the Berlin Wall and its downfall. As well as being a fascinating city from an historically point of view though, the city of Berlin has an enormous amount going for it. There is simply so much to do and see in Berlin, German, that there is something for every one no matter what ones interest.

Keeping busy in Berlin

If you are interested in wellness then Berlin, similar to the rest of the country, has a large number of excellent saunas and spas and these are worth visiting berlin for alone. If you love pubs and nightlife then there are some world class pubs and clubs. If you are a museum or art gallery fanatic then you will also not be disappointed, with the museums including the M rkisches Museum, and the Museum f r Gegenwart . If you enjoy shopping. architecture or parks then there is also enough to keep you occupied here.

Berlin is both an excellent weekend break or week long break destination and there are a number of accommodation types to choose from and in a variety of different areas within the city.

Berlin Services

On this site we look at all of the things to do in Berlin including tours, accommodation in berlin, getting to Berlin, people, culture, flights, property, sports, good pubs, where to find a good German sauna, guides and much more. Thank you for visiting the site of berlin culture. You can get some more tips with our guide to visiting Berlin. Check also out cheap stay page for some more ideas on some central locations to stay in the city.

European Travel – It is also worth planning ahead and sorting out your holiday money before travelling. If you are traveling around Europe, take a look also at our sister site Barcelona Culture and Sicily culture for two other excellent locations. If you are visiting Germany, also consider learning the language to maximise your cultural experience when in Germany.

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