Sep 8 2017

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Welcome To Baton Rouge, Louisiana!!

Best of Baton Rouge is dedicated to providing a local resident’s perspective on what’s great in Baton Rouge Restaurants. live entertainment. nightlife. bars and businesses. Our information is meant to provide a basis for finding something to do in the sprawling Baton Rouge metro area and it’s surrounding area.

Recent Baton Rouge Restaurants, Businesses, Nightlife, Events, Etc.

Locke Meredith Personal Injury AttorneysPosted: 12/28/2016
Baton Rouge area personal injury law firm that helps Louisianians with a variety of personal injury needs.

MDO Massage TherapyPosted: 07/09/2015
Need help relaxing or rehabilitating an injury? Consider having a massage therapist help you with those aches and pains.

Rum House Caribbean TaqueriaPosted: 05/14/2015
Feels like you’ve left Baton Rouge and gone down to the Caribbean. Great atmosphere, great food and great drinks.

Republic State MortgagePosted: 09/09/2014
Looking to finance a home in the area of Gonzales or South East Baton Rouge? Give these guys a call.

CG’s GymnasticsPosted: 05/21/2014
Have a kid you really want to learn gymnastics? Want to compete at the highest level or just have a great time in a physically challenging activity? Check out CG’s.

Mr Taco Authentic Mexican FoodPosted: 04/05/2014
Authentic as it gets Mexican style soft tacos for lunch and breakfast!

City Pork CharcuteriePosted: 02/07/2014
City pork is a deli just opening near the Perkins overpass area. Great things all pork and all tasty!

LA HomebrewPosted: 12/24/2013
A full service homebrewing shop for beer brewers. Liquid yeast, hops, any grain you want and everything in between.

Bon Temps Buffet at L’AubergePosted: 11/22/2013
Bon Temps Buffet at L’Auberge has an incredible weekend breakfast for those looking for great stuff on the weekend.

Bluebonnet Swamp Nature CenterPosted: 07/31/2013
Located near Perkins and Bluebonnet you can learn all about South Louisiana nature right here in Baton Rouge at their 103 acre facility!

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