Mar 11 2018

Boston apartment rentals, leads and affordable housing deals in Massachusetts, affordable apartments.#Affordable #apartments

affordable apartments

  • Recent Affordable Housing News

The Harlo / SEB apartment lottery

1350 Boylston Street

(617) 782-6900 / [email protected]

Deadline Tue. Nov 7th, 4PM

See more lottery listings

Affordable apartments

Test yourself with this Lottery Application

Community Development Organizations who rent and build affordable housing

  • Allston Brighton Community Development Corporation

(617) 787-3874

  • Chinatown – Asian Community Development Corporation

    see all buildings

  • Codman Square Neighborhood Development Corporation

    (617) 825-4224

  • Fenway Community Development Corporation

    (617) 267-4637

  • Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Development Corporation

    (617) 522 2424

  • Madison Park Development Corporation

    (617) 849-6220.

  • Mission Hill Neighborhood Housing Services

    (617) 566-6565

  • Nuestra Communidad

    (617) 427-5399

  • RECLAIM ROXBURY – web site
  • South Boston Neighborhood Development Corporation

    Low Rent Housing in Massachusetts

    About the apartment lottery competition

    How to you win the apartment lottery?

    • the applicant is handicapped or disabled
    • you are a homeless parent withy kids in a shelter
    • you may be an Urban Renewal displacee ( get the letter )
    • veteran, HIV, or senior citizens are a plus
    • you are a resident of that town
    • if buying, you are a first time homebuyers and did the course.
    • your household size can be a factor
    • and NONE of the ABOVE may apply in lotteries, it depends. Ask them.


    There is nothing charming about MBHP RENT LIST prices.

    OWN IT, Don’t Rent it! MAHA is a non-profit educational home ownership advocate.

    • Accessible Housing List Online – for people with disabilities who are seeking affordable housing in Massachusetts

  • How to Get a Mortgage if you are Self-Employed

    View Affordable Homes for Sale all Over Massachusetts

    The source of this information is the Citizen’s Housing and Planning Association of Massachusetts. Citizens’ Housing and Planning Association’s mission is to encourage the production and preservation of housing that is affordable to low and moderate income families and individuals and to foster diverse and sustainable communities through planning and community development. Affordable homes across the state are marketed and sold by a number of developers. Listings are voluntarily added.

    “STUDIO” is the most popular apartment related Google search term in Boston metro.

    Boston Public Housing Authority Numbers ( BHA )

      The Boston Housing Authority (BHA) has more public housing applicants than there are available units. Applicants are asked to choose their preferred building locations. These waiting list may be 1,500 to 10,000 persons who are looking for an opening. To get on a public housing wait list, you have to be eligible and it could take as long as 10 weeks to 5 years for the BHA to verify an applicant’s eligibility.

  • Mothers with children who live in homeless shelters receive priority placements.
  • a reported 40,000 people are on wait lists for public housing in Boston
  • Sales Prices for Homes and Condos

    Affordable apartmentsAffordable Home Sales are on the up and up. More and more brokers are starting to offer them because there is not much else on the market to sell for big commissions.

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