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Car Insurance Quotes

Benefits Of Quick Quote

  1. Our online process only take 60 seconds to complete
  2. You will receive a variety of car insurance quotes, collated by our expert insurance brokers, from trusted insurance companies
  3. Your short term insurance policy will be reviewed annually, on your behalf, to ensure you are still getting the most value for your money

What Is Car Insurance?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What would I do if I was involved in a car accident?
  • How would I pay for the damages done to my car and to that of the other car?
  • Do I have large sums of money immediately available to pay for the costs involved?
  • What would I do if my car was stolen?

If you are unable to answer any of the above, motor insurance is your answer!

Your car insurance company is who you call when you are involved in an accident. They pay for any repairs and damages incurred on your car, and the other car, during a collision. Furthermore, should you encounter the awful experience of having your car stolen, your car insurance company will cover the cost of a new vehicle.

Did you know that there are 1.4 million uninsured cars on South Africa’s roads? Fortunately, when it comes to the responsibility of having car insurance, CompareGuru transforms the lousy process of getting budget car insurance to a simpler and faster acquisition.

Process Of Quick Quote

  1. Fill in your basic personal and vehicle details online
  2. Receive a suggested quote range based on your information
  3. Request a call-back by selecting a preferred day and time
  4. OR complete our ‘accurate quote’ process with further details
  5. One of our expert brokers will be in touch to help you save on your insurance

Save By Combining Policies

Did you know that you can stand to save up to 30% on your combined monthly car and home insurance premiums? Chat to our expert brokers today about taking out a combined policy in order to save.

Different Types Of Car Insurance

1. Third Party Car Insurance

When looking for cheap car insurance, it is important to consider whether or not you are only interested in covering the damages inflicted on the other car or person. Third Party is the cheapest, as you are only paying for the expenses of the other person’s medical and car damages, and none of your own.

2. Third Party, Theft, And Fire

If your main concern is someone stealing your car, or it being set alight, then this type of car insurance is what you need. It also covers any damages to a third party, or their car, in the event of an accident.

3. Comprehensive Car Inurance

This type of motor insurance gives you the best of both worlds; coverage includes Third Party, Theft, and Fire, as well as damages to your own car and your medical expenses. Comprehensive is the recommended car insurance package as it not only covers your expenses and prevents you from being in debt following an accident, but your vehicle will also be replaced, if it is written off.

How Does Car Insurance Benefit You?

Driving everyday means you not only put yourself at risk, but also the lives of others around you. Undoubtedly, with the amount of accidents on South African roads, there is no way to guarantee that you will never cause an accident, or never be involved in one.

With Comprehensive Car Insurance you will have a certain degree of confidence knowing that you are financially covered for any damages incurred to your car or a third party.

With car insurance, you have the peace of mind knowing that you will always be covered when it comes to replacing or repairing your car.

It Covers More Than Just You

Having motor insurance covers more than just you and your car, it also protects your spouse’s and other dependents’ cars, as well as any possible third party involved in an accident.

How Do I Apply

Finding the right short term insurance can take time, which you might not have. CompareGuru will help you find comparable insurance quotes that are tailored specifically to your needs.

By submitting your basic personal and vehicle information, you will receive a call from one of our expert brokers who will finalise all the details with you.

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More About CompareGuru

You can instantly set your mind at ease with our fantastic comparative insurance quotes. Our independent and transparent side-by-side comparisons will show you the best insurance quotes available in South Africa. Whether you need car insurance, warranty insurance, or home insurance, CompareGuru will be able to find you the best value for money. We also offer fantastic options for funeral insurance, medical insurance, hospital insurance, life insurance and legal insurance.

Our online insurance quotes are comprehensive in detail and each quote is specific to your personal circumstances. We bring you great insurance quotes for car, home, and building insurance from leading insurers such as ABSA, Auto General, and Santam. Receive the latest New National, Vir Seker, and 1st For Women quotes so you can find the best insurance quote. We also compare insurance quotes from Oakhurst and Unity insurers.

We will capture your personal information and redirect you to our trusted licensed authorised financial services providers who will guide you through the quote process. CompareGuru makes obtaining insurance much easier with quick comparisons of quotes from leading insurance companies. We strive to compile and compare the most affordable and comprehensive insurance options to give you value for your money. Each quote is tailored to your needs, your budget, and your personal circumstances.

Life insurance and medical insurance are essential to maintaining the welfare of your family. Life insurance offers financial relief to your family in the event of your death. Medical cover will ensure you have the financial support for daily medical expenses. Funeral insurance puts your family at ease with a lump sum pay out to cover funeral expenses in the event of your death. Home insurance brings a peace of mind to know your family’s home is safe and covered. You can now defend yourself with qualified and expert lawyers with affordable Legal insurance. A comprehensive hospital plan will help your family financially when they are hospitalised.

You can save the structure of your home without the financial burden with comprehensive Building insurance. Avoid paying for the fender bender when you buy comprehensive Car insurance. The only thing that should be on your mind while travelling is the wondrous adventure that awaits you, that is why you should allow CompareGuru to remove the hassle and stress from finding travel insurance.

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