Feb 16 2019

Centricity® EMR, EHR Reviews, Ratings, and Comments from actual users

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Centricity® EMR

Centricity EMR is an electronic medical record (EMR) system that enables ambulatory care physicians and clinical staff to document patient encounters, streamline clinical workflow, and securely exchange clinical data with other providers, patients, and information systems. Centricity EMR is used by thousands of physicians to manage millions of patient records, and is among the most widely used ambulatory care electronic medical records. Centricity EMR empowers healthcare providers to deliver the highest quality of care at lower costs. Designed by clinicians, for clinicians, this system fits the needs of both providers and administrators: * Based entirely on easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain technology * Available with GE Healthcare’s practice management solutions for a practically paperless office * Integrates with most revenue cycle management systems and shares common data with Centricity Business and Centricity Business Advantage * Integrates with most healthcare information systems and shares common data with Centricity Enterprise * More than a decade of successful releases, effective implementations and quality support


What do you like?

There is nothing I like about this system at all. I think it is the equivalent of what a high school graduate would have come up with designing an EMR.

What needs work?

It is very archaic. It is difficult to edit anything once it has been signed. You have to append everything and remove unneeded forms when you make an append. It doesn t have a quality spellchecker. The spellchecker it has is basically useless since I need to add just about every medical term into the dictionary. The system consistently crashes on me daily. I hate that i cannot create a template that allows find and replace. With so much money backing GE has you d think they would have delivered a product that was somewhat user friendly. Instead my day is like a waking nightmare using this system that benefits NO ONE except the office that uses it as far as getting everyone connected . Even going from office location to office location it requires constant tweaking in order for physicians to access a scheduled that is not their homebase . Hate this system. I hope my company cans it and goes with something that was developed by a group of technical writers who actually coordinate with physicians and their realtime needs rather than spending 30+ seconds to go between screens, which not only detracts from patient interaction, but wastes my time as well. I could type up a note in a word document in 1/3 of a time that it takes to use this piece of garbage system.

many options
reliable cloud performance

What needs work?

extremely difficult to design your own forms
drawing tool for emr is unusable in my opinion.
you must be or hire($$) a programer to customize forms and reports- or pay support to do it which is even more expensive and slow.
seems like they have taken many different programs and patch them together.
Also seems like very old programing. i can t comment on specifics because i don t have computer background.
i think it has a lot of potential but they need to redoit.
I keep thinking that i made a mistake on selecting this emr because of value/cost and difficulty customizing it.

Centricity Advance

GE has decided to terminate it’s Centricity Advance product and instead has encouraged users to migrate to it’s more expensive, flagship, Product Solution software. Unfortunately, Product Solution is out of my price range and now I will have to buy, learn, customize and, worst of all, re-enter all medical data! While I perfectly understand GE Healtcare has the “right” to do as they please, I have the right to respectfully request practices consider other vendors in a show of support for those of us so devastatingly impacted by GE’s business decision.

EHR Review

6 months – 1 Year

I bought and use(d) this product

I have no affiliation with any EHR company

What do you like?

Centricity Advance is cloud based. Initial fees upfront are low. Easy to learn (since limited features).

What needs work?

Very uncustomizable. Lab interfaces never worked correctly. It scrambled lab data among different patients! Some of the MU and Quality counters seemed to give invalid results (though admittedly I m not 100% clear on what is supposed to count to the various numerators and denominators).

Written by CAR

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