Jan 8 2018

Chalet Group of Hotels and Apartments, Bangalore #apartment #listing

#apartments in bangalore


Chalet Group of Hotels and Apartments, Bangalore

Chalet Group of Hotels and Apartments, Bangalore

Chalet Group is administered by professionals with creative indulgence having expertise in the hospitality industry. With over 10 years experience in the field of hospitality, Chalet Group is equipped to provide you the best of both worlds; the comfort and privacy of an apartment with the service and care of a hotel.

Chalet Diamond Penthouse, Domlur, Bangalore

Chalet Twin Towers Service Apartments, Sahakar, Bangalore

Chalet Residency Suites, HSR Layout, Bangalore

Jade Retreats – A Brand Extension of Chalet India

Luxury may be something to be earned, but that doesn t mean it can t be experienced by everyone. Jade Retreats, Bangalore. a brand extension of Chalet India, has sought to become the solution to this problem, by offering the world the best in luxury, without compromising on your privacy.

Each Jade Retreats property offers its guests the entire property to themselves and no other guests – exclusivity is the key to the Jade Experience. Jade properties enable its guests to have a luxurious stay as though it were their very own home. Check out the properties of Jade Retreats here .

Our Properties at Chalet

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