Feb 16 2019

Christian Alcoholism Treatment Deltona, FL

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Christian Alcoholism Treatment Deltona, FL

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Recovering from alcoholism isn’t just about going through the physical pangs of withdrawal. In fact, that is probably the smaller part of the problem. If that were all there was to it, it wouldn’t be so hard to get it together. Instead, you need to get your head on straight in order to get sober and stay sober. You need to be surrounded by the right people with the right values. If you are a Christian, you need a Christian Alcoholism Treatment program, one that will help you get right with God while you get right with life.

If you haven’t experienced profound fellowship, then your personal crisis is an opportunity to find it and make right the things that went wrong with your life. Alcoholism has been described as a hole in a person’s soul. You cannot get free of it without closing the hole in your soul. If your treatment program is not talking about the state of your soul, how can it ever get you to where you are hoping to go?

A good Christian Alcoholism Treatment program can help you let go and let God. When all of your choices are consistently self destructive, it is time to call on a higher power to lend you strength and wisdom in your hour of need. When your head is so clouded that you cannot clearly hear the voice of God, sometimes the voice of a fellow Christian who has been down the same troubled path is the best way to start getting back in tune.

It is all grist for the mill. If you have reached bottom, it is time to be lifted up in faith and fellowship while you set aside bad habits and get your life together. Your lowest lows are an opportunity to experience love and salvation, to find people who care about the whole person — body, mind, heart, and soul — and find your way back home, like the Prodigal son. It is never too late to seek forgiveness and get back on the path God intended for you.

Call us today at (386) 259-3705 in Deltona, FL

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