Feb 15 2019

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For the seventh straight year, AEC Cares took on the Herculean task of renovating a building serving a local community in a single day. This year s blitz build, dubbed projectOrlando, saw the revitalization of the Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida s Center for Women and Families (CWF). This year s annual .

Posted: June 8, 2017, 2:44 pm

Not only did the U.S. jobs creation machine slip a cog in May, but there were some pretty severe downward revisions to previous months as well. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the increase in total employment across America in the latest month was a tepid +138,000. Furthermore, versus what the BLS rep.

Posted: June 7, 2017, 5:15 pm

Last week, Missouri Governor Eric Greitens signed legislations effectively banning the use of project labor agreements (PLAs) on public construction projects. The new legislations basically extends the current ban on state agencies from requiring PLAs to also cover local governments. Previously, state and local agencies.

Posted: June 7, 2017, 1:50 pm

The percentage levels and changes in Table 1 are based on the Census Bureau s seasonally-adjusted (SA) April 2017 and earlier put-in-place construction statistics. Put-in-place as a concept is meant to mirror work-in-process or progress payments as projects proceed. For each type-of-structure, Table 1 takes the behind.

Posted: June 6, 2017, 7:42 pm

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