Apr 12 2019

Cooper, Draughon & Cooper

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Cooper, Draughon & Cooper, NEF6.COM

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Full-Service Macon Attorneys

Excellence, Integrity, Honesty A Profound Respect for Family

At Cooper, Draughon Cooper, our team of dedicated Macon lawyers are here to assist you with a diverse range of legal matters thoroughly and efficiently. Whether you are facing criminal charges, want to open a business, are involved in a legal dispute, or any more of a number of legal challenges, we have the skill and dedication you need to accomplish your goals. Our highly motivated attorneys have over 75 years of combined experience to bring to your case, utilizing both intensive investigative abilities and comprehensive trial litigation experience to your benefit. We are proud to be a client-first law firm, and we work tirelessly every day toward the results that our clients need!

A Personalized Approach to Resolving Your Case

When clients come to our team for legal help, they are given the opportunity to enjoy the prompt service and attentiveness of a small firm as well as the comprehensive legal background and experience of a much larger group. Our top priority when we take on a case is learning about your unique situation, determining your desired results, and doing everything in our power to bring that to fruition. Our team understands that each case has its own distinctive characteristics and that a successful legal strategy must be built from scratch, taking each idiosyncrasy into account.

If you need a dedicated, passionate Macon attorney, call our team today at (478) 202-7050 to schedule your free consultation. Never settle for less!

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