Oct 14 2017

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Learn How You Can Conquer Addiction

The only person who can change your destructive behavior patterns is you. Although many people do not believe it, everybody does have the power to overcome his or her addiction. Fear and uncertainly are often the greatest obstacles to recovery, which is a difficult long-term process that may require help along the way. Read More.

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We are a leading treatment facility offering state-of-the-art, evidence based programs for mental health disorders, addiction and dual diagnosis. Our Admissions team at (619) 567-2107 is available 24/7 to answer your questions and enroll you in one of our programs.

Dual Diagnosis

An estimated 8.9 million adults have a co-occurring disorder or dual diagnosis of mental illness and substance abuse disorder. Recovery from alcohol or drug abuse or addiction is difficult, and the rate of relapse can be high, depending on the effectiveness of treatment.

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  • Addiction Detox

    Addiction to drugs and alcohol is a disease affecting more than 23 million Americans. People also suffer from behavioral addictions, a category that includes activities or things to which a person can become addicted, such as sex, the Internet, exercise, video games, gambling, tanning, and food, although gambling is the only officially recognized

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  • Mental Health

    About 57.7 million Americans suffer from some type of mental illness in a given year, but less than one-third seek treatment. There are many different mental health disorders a person might have, including depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia.

    Help For Drug Addiction

    Addiction is a disease that involves both biological and behavioral components. It has a high rate of relapse, anywhere from 40 and 60 percent. Although the chance of relapse sounds high, it is comparable to other conditions requiring lifelong maintenance, such as diabetes and heart disease. Alcohol or drug abuse recovery is possible; it just takes the right motivation, treatment,

    Signs & Symptoms of Addiction

    Substance abuse and addiction can be difficult to recognize in a loved one. The most blatant sign is when a person seems to feel a compulsion to drink or use drugs, especially if he or she cannot control how much or how often he or she consumes a substance. However, many people with addiction or abuse problems are adept at hiding these behaviors,

    Addiction recovery Center/Clinics

    Battling an addiction to drugs or alcohol is difficult. There is a high rate of relapse, and an addict often faces a lifelong struggle with temptation. Studies have shown that the best way to overcome a drug or alcohol problem is with an intensive treatment and strong aftercare program.

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