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1. (of a person) capable; skilful. a very efficient secretary. bekwaam كُفء، قَدير، ماهِر способен eficiente schopný tüchtig effektiv ικανός. επιδέξιος eficiente. competente suutlik لایق؛ کارامد taitava efficace מוכשר. נמרץ दक्ष djelotvoran eredményes efisien hæfur, skilvirkur efficiente 有能な 유능한 sugebantis, sumanus prasmīgs; veikls; lietpratīgs cekap bekwaam dyktig. effektiv. habil kompetentny موْثر، په ځاى اغيزه ناك، باكفايت eficiente ca­pa­bil; eficient квалифицированный schopný sposoben efikasan effektiv, kompetent มีความสามารถ becerikli. yetenekli 有能力的 умілий, кваліфікований لائق có năng lực 有能力的

2. (of an action, tool etc ) producing (quick and) satisfactory results. The new lawn mower is much more efficient than the old one. doelmatig ناجِع، فَعّال ефикасен eficiente účinný; schopný tauglich effektiv αποτελεσματικός. αποδοτικός eficaz. de buen rendimiento tõhus موثر؛ ثمربخش tehokas efficace יעיל कुशल učinkovit hatékony memuaskan áhrifaríkur, skilvirkur efficiente 能率的な 효과적인 našus, produktyvus efektīvs; produktīvs efisien doeltreffend virksom. effektiv. tilfredsstillende wydajny موْثر eficiente bun продуктивный účinný; schopný zmogljiv efikasan effektiv ทำให้เกิดผลอันน่าพอใจ kullanışlı. randımanlı 效率高的 дійовий, ефективний زيادہ کارگزاری دھکانے والا có hiệu suất cao 效率高的

geskiktheid بِكَفاءَه، بِنَجاعَه продуктивно eficientemente účinně tüchtig. tauglich effektivt αποτελεσματικά eficientemente. eficazmente tõhusalt بطور موثر tehokkaasti efficacement בִּיעִילוּת दक्षतापूर्वक sposobno eredményesen, hatékonyan secara efisien á áhrifaríkan hátt efficientemente 能率的に 효과적으로 sumaniai, efektyviai, našiai prasmīgi; efektīvi; produktīvi dengan cekapnya efficiënt effektivt skutecznie په اغيزه ناكه تو ګه eficientemente eficient; eficace продуктивно účinne učinkovito efikasno effektivt ผลอย่างน่าพอใจ ustalıkla 有效率地 ефективно مؤثر انداز میں một cách hiệu quả 有效地,效率高地

bekwaamheid كَفاءَه، مَقْدِرَه، فاعِلِيَّه продуктивност eficiência schopnost die Tüchtigkeit, die Tauglichkeit effektivitet ικανότητα. αποδοτικότητα eficiencia. eficacia tõhusus کارآیی؛ بازده tehokkuus efficacité יעילות दक्षता, कुशलता djelotvornost hathatósság, hatékonyság efisiensi dugnaður, skilvirkni, nÿtni efficienza 能率 효율성 sugebėjimas, efektyvumas, našumas efektivitāte; lietpratība; produktivitāte kecekapan bekwaamheid. doeltreffendheid effektivitet. virksomhet skuteczność, sprawność اغيزه ناكى، موْثريت مستعد eficiência eficienţă продуктивность schopnosť učinkovitost efikasnost effektivitet, duglighet ความมีประสิทธิภาพ beceriklilik, yeterlik 效率 ефективність; продуктивність لیاقت tính hiệu quả 效率


n. eficiencia, competencia.

References in classic literature ?

They knew, these excellent old persons, that, by all established rule — and, as regarded some of them, weighed by their own lack of efficiency for business — they ought to have given place to younger men, more orthodox in politics, and altogether fitter than themselves to serve our common Uncle.

To insure the greatest efficiency in the dart, the harpooneers of this world must start to their feet from out of idleness, and not from out of toil.

Our friends were not poetical, and the sight suggested to them no metaphors of human destiny; they thought only of the wonderful efficiency of it all.

In fact, if not exactly a believer in the doctrine of the efficiency of the extra good works of saints, he really seemed somehow or other to fancy that his wife had piety and benevolence enough for two–to indulge a shadowy expectation of getting into heaven through her superabundance of qualities to which he made no particular pretension.

Then we would make up the rest of the standing army out of commonplace materi- als, and officer it with nobodies, as was proper — nobodies selected on a basis of mere efficiency — and we would make this regiment toe the line, allow it no aristocratic freedom from restraint, and force it to do all the work and persistent hammering, to the end that whenever the King’s Own was tired and wanted to go off for a change and rummage around amongst ogres and have a good time, it could go without uneasiness, knowing that matters were in safe hands behind it, and business going to be continued at the old stand, same as usual.

I was not convinced, yet I was not willing to try the experiment in any risky way–that is, in a way that might cripple the strength and efficiency of the Expedition.

These seats of learning were neither better nor worse than others of their kind, but differed much in efficiency. according as the principal who chanced to be at the head was a man of power and inspiration or the reverse.

Sure was I of His efficiency to save what He had made: convinced I grew that neither earth should perish, nor one of the souls it treasured.

He had been taught to undervalue the incredible efficiency of electricity.

An enlightened zeal for the energy and efficiency of government will be stigmatized as the offspring of a temper fond of despotic power and hostile to the principles of liberty.

In the height of battle as well as upon the march I know that my thoats will obey my every command, and therefore my fighting efficiency is enhanced, and I am a better warrior for the reason that I am a kind master.

I sent out for a fresh supply and mixed the draught; the ebullition followed, and the first change of colour, not the second; I drank it and it was without efficiency .

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