Sep 20 2017

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How is eMDs Better?

Healthy Solutions.

At eMDs, we know that maintaining the balance between running the business side of your practice and providing top medical care can be a challenge. You don’t have the time or resources for inefficiencies or technology that will slow you down.

That’s why our solutions are built to work for you. Developed with the oversight of physicians we ensure that you get a comprehensive solution to run all areas of your practice without disruptions, without excessive implementation time, and friendly enough to use without adding hours to your day.

But don’t just take our word for it: independent industry and physician surveys consistently rank eMDs solutions among the top rated electronic health record and practice management systems.

Healthy Patients.

When it comes to keeping patients healthy, we are focused on software and services wrapped around wellness and population health. Clinal data is only powerful when it can be used effectively of the point of care and with tools that make it easy to close care gaps, guide clinical best practices, and the ability to do this in natural workflows that enhance your patient and clinician relationship.

We are also focused on helping you engage patients by giving them an easy way to communicate with your office. The Patient Portal has health record data, appointment requests and confirmations, results messaging, health maintenance reminders, refill requests and more. Online, secure and convenient. Plus, the portal can reduce resource requirements for your staff.

Healthy Practices.

While your patients are your top priority, a healthy bottom line as a result of an efficiently run office from a financial and a regulatory standpoint is as critical to your success as is the delivery of quality care. Stressed practices find it hard to focus.

Strong practice management software helps your staff stay on top of patient accounts receivable. We can even do it all for you. Our revenue cycle service will work to keep you in front of market changes. Through our revenue cycle software and services, we can provide real, tangible financial benefits to help your practice financials soar.

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