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For Rent Program, Affordable Homes, Home Types, Homes, Mueller Austin, low income homes for rent.#Low #income #homes #for #rent

low income homes for rent

All apartment communities will include homes in the Mueller Affordable Homes Program with one to three complexes planned to be predominately affordable and target to seniors or families.

  • Reserved for renters at 60% or below Austin MFI; household income is certified annually
  • Rental rates are set by individual apartment communities and generally allow buyers to spend approximately 30% of gross income on housing
  • Units included in every Mueller multi-family community as well as in predominately affordable apartment communities for seniors and working families
  • All units reflect Mueller s award-winning master plan, design and Green Building standards

Step One

Visit www.MuellerAustin.com or contact one of Mueller s apartment communities to learn more about the Affordable Homes Program.

Step Two

Learn more about each apartment community to review any restrictions (such as age restrictions). Review the Mueller Affordable Homes Eligibility Guidelines summary below and FAQs for renters to determine if you might qualify for the Program.

Step Three

Meet with the apartment community of your choice to get a list of documents needed for their income qualification process.

Step Four

Sign a lease and enjoy your new home!

Questions about qualification for the affordable homes program or about the homes offered can be directed to the apartment communities.

Questions about Mueller can be emailed to Mueller Central at [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the affordable homes for rent within Mueller?

The Mueller Affordable Homes Program includes 25% (approximately 1,425 at completion) of the total for-sale and for-rent residences throughout the community. Each phase of new construction of for-sale or for-rent homes may have more or less than 25% of those homes in the Affordable Homes Program, as long as the community in whole reaches 25%.

For-rent Affordable Homes will be available in market-rate Mueller apartment communities as well as in designated properties, targeted to seniors and working families, which will be predominately affordable. All market-rate rental properties will have at least 10% of their units in the Affordable Homes Program.

Who is eligible for an affordable apartment home at Mueller?

Rental units in the Mueller Affordable Homes Program are marketed to families at or below 60% of Austin median family income (MFI) who meet the eligibility requirements outlined above. In Austin, for 2015, that is $46,080 for a family of four ($32,250 for a single person).

What is Median Family Income?

Median Family Income (MFI) is a leading economic indicator commonly used as a benchmark in affordable homes programs. MFI is an annual gross income figure derived statistically from a geographic area or group and relates to the size of a household or family. The U.S. Department for Housing and Urban Development (HUD) determines the median family income for the Austin area annually.

What if I make a lot less than 60% of MFI? Will I ever be able to afford to live at Mueller?

Catellus has committed to pursue strategies that may allow for deeper affordability at Mueller striving to make for-rent housing available for families earning incomes below the 60% MFI benchmark now and in the future. For example, Wildflower Terrace, a predominately affordable senior housing community at Mueller, has for-rent units available for seniors with incomes as low as 30% MFI.

What happens if my income increases after I move into my apartment home?

The guidelines of the Mueller Affordable Homes Program, and of most rental affordability programs, allow for tenants incomes to increase after move-in, up to what s defined under federal guidelines as 140% of 60% of MFI. In 2015, 60% of MFI for a single person is about $32,000. Therefore, a single tenant could see his/her income increase after move-in to approximately $44,000 without affecting his/her eligibility to rent a Mueller affordable apartment home. (The MFI benchmarks change every year, so these figures are approximate and used as examples only.) If the income certification shows that a tenant s income increases to above 140% of 60% of MFI, then the tenant is no longer eligible for Mueller s Affordable Homes Program and will need to pay regular rents. The rental certification occurs annually.

How much do Mueller s affordable homes cost?

Apartments are affordably priced depending on the size of the household and of the rental unit.

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Low income homes for rent

Come on out and get to know Mueller. To get acquainted with the full vision for Mueller, please visit our information center, Mueller Central, located at 4550 Mueller Blvd. Click here for address and operating hours.

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Low income homes for rent

To download your copy of the Mueller Development Plan, click here.

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Low income homes for rent

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Low income homes for rent

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