Nov 5 2016

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I want to get back to basics here and write an answer to an easily overlooked question. When someone asks me what I do and I say corporate real estate or corporate rentals they say oh , turn slightly, and I then try not to notice the all too familiar glaze in their eyes. Sometimes its a convenient conversation stopper but mostly in business its time. Quite literally, time.

Last year Forbes published an article to help people make the tough decision of whether or not to relocate. The original piece asked some really important questions, and we would like to answer a few to help you decide whether or not you should move to Los Angeles. 1. Will I love my new job? [ ]

The traffic in Los Angeles is not one of the city’s finer points. Like the beaches, the mountains and the celebrities, it’s something that just exists in a city of 10 million people. The key to navigating LA’s traffic is planning ahead. Actually it’s more than planning, it’s strategic. In most places where it would [ ]

Because our tenants haven’t lived in L.A. for long, we often receive questions from them about the nearest attractions and cool places near our apartments that are close enough for them to walk to. Fortunately for our tenants, we’re located close to quite a few attractions – we planned it that way. Driving can be [ ]

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