Nov 23 2016

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Your Gainesville Apartment is Waiting

Rent Gainesville Apartments

Rent Gainesville Apartments is a site dedicated to helping you find your next Gainesville apartment. We know moving can be stressful. Our easy to use site tries to remove some of that stress for you by letting you quickly narrow down to apartments that fit your budget and lifestyle.

Take it from a Gainesville native that has more than 25 years experience in this town. We help make your move simple and easy by getting right down to business. Search by bedrooms, price range or must have amenities and features right from the homepage. You can further customize and change your search preferences from the search results page to give a more unique result based on your preferences.

We hope that Rent Gainesville Apartments will make your next move easier and that we can help you find the perfect apartment in Gainesville, FL for you.

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Gainesville Apartments by Name

Buying a Home in Gainesville, FL

So you re ready to move from the apartment living and finally own your own home? That s fantastic and congratulations to you! Owning a home is a lot more involved than renting an apartment but I m sure you know that already.

If College Freshmen were Honest on Move-In Day

I typically don t post Buzzfeed stuff, because for the most part, their stories are click bait headlines but this video rang true and we just had to share it.

This is Gainesville (Video)

Andrew Reid Rohan Cornwall created a tribute to the Gainesville culture and all the amazing things it has to offer with his This is Gainesville video.

College Life Disneyfied with 20 GIFS

I love imgur… just absolutely love it. However, if you’re a student in Gainesville, do not go to this site when you’re supposed to be studying. It’s a total time suck and can cause bad things to happen to your test grades.

Resident Appreciation Week

As a resident you should be appreciated year round, no doubt. But some apartment communities take it to a whole new level sometimes during what has been coined Resident Appreciation Week . This year, we wanted to highlight some Gainesville apartments that we felt did an awesome job with it. What is Resident Appreciation Week? A [ ]

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