Nov 27 2016

Games Rental Guide: Select the best from the 16 Online Games Rental Services #house #rent

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We compare all 7 UK games-by-post rental companies, so you pick the best.

= Value
= Design
= Service

Value Rating: Includes prices at all game rental levels and our assessment of what you actually get for your money.

Design Rating: How well the website/interface is designed–ease of use.

Service Rating: This measure of customer service–which includes game rental turnaround times–is the least scientific rating, relying on reports we’ve gathered from the net and personal experience.

Titles: The total available game titles. Bear in mind the number of formats the games rental company has though, as if it only deals with three consoles then a couple of hundred titles is actually a lot.

Films: Some of the companies are primarily DVD rental companies that also have a limited catalogue of games too – we wouldn’t recommend these if it is games you’re really interested in, but if you are a movie fan too then these can represent good value.

Free Trial: These vary widely from a week to a month. Be sure to look at the details of each site if you’re pursuing a free trial, as many have strict requirements for cancellation. If you’re very cheeky you can free trial hop down the list and try them all for free for months.

Prices: In pounds per month for standard, unlimited 1 to 3 games out-at-a-time subscriptions. This does not include volume discounts sometimes offered when you pay for a year in advance, which are noted in the individual company reviews.

Game rental prices and terms change frequently; check the company website for the latest.

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