Oct 11 2017

Gilmore Girls – Revival at Netflix: New Episodes Ordered #a #line #of #credit #is


Gilmore Girls Limited-Series Revival Set at Netflix — This Is Not a Drill

THIS JUST IN:We re getting those final four words !

Sources confirm that Netflix has closed a deal with Warner Bros. for a limited-series revival of Gilmore Girls penned by series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino and exec producer Daniel Palladino.

Although negotiations with the cast are only now beginning, I m told all of the major players most notably Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Kelly Bishop and Scott Patterson are expected back for the continuation. Additionally, per multiple insiders, the revival will consist of four 90-minute episodes/mini-movies.

Reps for Warner Bros. and Netflix declined to comment for this story.

And I repeat: This is not a drill.

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The deal allows Sherman-Palladino who left the original series prior to the final season amid a contract dispute with Warner Bros. to conclude Gilmore Girls as she always intended, right through to those elusive final four words .

AS-P addressed the possibility of a revival over the summer when she reunited with the show s cast at the ATX TV Festival. It would have to be the right everything the right format, the right timing, she said. If it ever happened, I promise we ll do it correctly.

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When I interviewed AS-P in 2009 at Entertainment Weekly . she conceded that the events of the show s final seventh season didn t match up with the end game she envisioned for Lorelai, Rory Co. I haven t [actually] seen the last season, she said at the time, but I heard about it from other people.

Even back then, AS-P remained hopeful that she would get to conclude the Gilmore story on her terms, via a limited series or movie. The beauty of Gilmore. and the beauty of family-relationship shows, is you never really run out of story, she said. You re going to battle your family until you re all in the ground. Those things never resolve, doesn t matter how much therapy you get. Ten years later, there s still going to be [material] there to mine and to delve into.

Gilmore Girls premiered on the now-defunct WB network in 2000, before transferring to spinoff net The CW in 2006 for its final season.

Did I mention that this isn t a drill?

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That s my guess. There is going to be something that tore apart Lorelei and her parents again(something they ll reveal right away as not to dwell on it). And we ll either get them apart in episode one(with Rory as the go between and Richard on some business trip) or it just opens right away with it.

Of course they can skip right over it but yeah, it will obviously play a major role and I think they ll go for Lorelei being grief stricken with unresolved issues between her and her father(which will hopefully lead to some sort of renewed bond between Lorelei/Emily)

Yes! I hope your plot comes to life, it s the most plausible to the whol situation!

That will be rough. (

Goddammit I held out through House of Cars and Daredevil. Now you bastards are finally making me cave damn you Netflix!

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