Aug 31 2017

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Business Insurance

Running your business requires time, focus, energy and passion. We take those same important aspects and apply them to your insurance. Let us remove the worry of having the right coverage with our preferred carriers and their tailored products. Some examples of business types we currently insure include: Veterinarian Practices, Dentist Practices, Restaurants, Auto Repair Shops, Doctors Offices, Wholesalers, Printers, Contractors, Mobile Home Parks and Manufacturers.

Homeowners Insurance

Did you know that homeowner insurance is one of the key items in an escrow closing? A person’s home is unmistakably a major and valuable asset. The place you come home to each night and, most importantly, provide to your family should have protection via a comprehensive homeowner policy. Having the right property and liability limits is what you attain through a discussion with your agent and we take pride in having that discussion with you!

Auto Insurance

For many families, an auto accident is their main exposure to a liability claim. Medical costs continue to rise along with costs to repair property. Interestingly enough, higher limits of liability are not usually much more expensive than purchasing lower limits of liability. The higher limits provide a greater degree of protection for you and your family and are always worth considering!

Life Insurance

Life insurance rates have continually reduced over the past 15 years due to industry competition (more carriers selling life insurance) and new life expectancy tables. Over time, you acquire loans and develop a standard of living. Be sure your family can comfortably take on any liabilities and continue to afford their way of life of something were to happen. When was the last time you reviewed your life insurance needs?

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