Mar 31 2017

Holiday website design for holiday cottage, apartment, villa and rental websites #albany #apartments

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Web design for business and holiday property websites in the UK and Europe


Having a website that works well on mobile and tablet devices as well as laptops and desktop computers is now a “must”. One solution is to have your website built with a responsive website design. i.e. one that automatically adapts to the width of the visitor’s device, so that people on narrower screens don’t have to scroll horizontally. This avoids the cost of having to build a second website for mobile users.


We offer a flexible web design service as standard. You tell us your initial design preferences; we upload a design suggestion; you comment on it; and we revise it; and we carry on until you are happy with the result; at no extra charge.

To put you in control of your website we will build it with a content management system (CMS). With only basic PC skills you can then change the text and the photos on your website yourself (alternatively we can do that for you).


Success online means people being able to find your business or holiday property website easily using the search engines (Google and Bing). So your website needs to be built to be search engine friendly. Known as search engine optimisation (SEO). this involves careful adjustment of the code and the content of your web pages to highlight the phrases people will use tin their searches.

Optimisation is included as standard when we build a website for you.

Unsure where to start?

Click below for an introductory guide to the process of getting your business online (whether it be a holiday cottage or another type of business). It explains what you need and what the process of creating, managing and promoting a successful business website involves.

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