Sep 20 2017

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Home Health Software (EHR)

Home health care billing software

From scheduling and documentation, to billing and reporting, first HOMECARE with CAREpliance™ technology is changing the way home health agencies of all sizes manage operations. More than just a traditional Electronic Health Records (EHR) system, our home health software enables you to optimize your clinical, financial, and administrative processes so you can work smarter…and put your patients before paperwork.

Simplify Operational Tasks

first HOMECARE makes everything you do easier and faster. Long gone are the days of managing your business on paper or in hard to use server-based software systems. Our web-based home health software system streamlines workflows and tasks, saving your agency valuable time that can be better spent focusing on patients.

Ensure Compliance

Stop worrying about audits or takebacks! Built-in regulatory compliance checks ensure that your clinical documentation is compliant with Federal and State regulations. As regulations change in home health, our software is updated to keep you in compliance.

Accelerate Reimbursement

It’s becoming harder and harder to get paid the maximum allowed amount for the services that you provide. first HOMECARE improves the efficiency and accuracy of your home health billing processes so you quickly get paid the right amount for the services you provide, the first time.

Reduce Costs

Say goodbye to the high costs involved with inefficient and ineffective systems and processes. Automating tasks such as intake and admissions, scheduling, billing, and payroll with home health software saves time and drastically reduces overhead costs. first HOMECARE streamlines workflows and ensures that tasks are accomplished quickly and easily.

Improve Care Coordination, Outcomes Patient Satisfaction

With access to information from anywhere at any time, clinical documentation can be viewed and completed at the patient s bedside so you have total confidence that it s current and accurate.

Increase Employee Satisfaction

Everyone will love it! From the office to the field, everyone benefits from a comprehensive system with built in automation and real-time access to information.

What s included in first HOMECARE software:

How can first HOMECARE offer you all of these benefits? Through comprehensive administrative, clinical, and financial functionality built around YOU!

  • Easy to use point-of-care functionality for an anytime, anywhere connection
  • CAREpliance™ technology, a clinical workflow that equips clinicians with the most thorough, evidence-based guidance available to reinforce decisions at the point of care and ensure compliance with strict documentation requirements
  • Full clinical documentation including OASIS/485, PT, OT, ST, and Aide
  • Medication profiles, interaction checks, and teaching guides
  • Quality Assurance including built-in OASIS scrubber to ensure clinical compliance
  • Complete regulatory compliance checks
  • Flexible scheduling options including visit, authorization, and hourly-based scheduling
  • Alerts for field clinicians and other staff including scheduling and compliance notifications
  • Internal, HIPAA-compliant messaging for better care coordination
  • Fully automated electronic billing
  • Comprehensive clinical, financial, and administrative reporting
  • One-click PECOS verification
  • Automated daily Medicare checks to ensure patient eligibility
  • Fully customizable clinical forms and documentation
  • Easy, automated CAHPS file transfer through Deyta Analytics interface
  • Physician portal for Care Plan Oversight tracking and communication
  • Unlimited US-based technical support online, by phone, or by email
  • Extensive library of online learning videos
  • Ongoing calendar of free Web-based training
  • Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)
  • Total integration with first HOSPICE, HEALTHCARE first ’s agency management software for hospice care, with a single sign-on

Find out how first HOMECARE can benefit your agency. Schedule a live, personalized demo today!

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firstHOMECARE brings your entire agency under one system, making everything that you do faster, easier, and more effective. Schedule a demo to see it in action.

Home health care billing software

Home health care billing softwareSee the fresh new look of firstHOMECARE and firstHOSPICE EHR Software.

Home health care billing software

Home health care billing softwareSee how CAREpliance™ technology ensures compliance, accelerates reimbursement, and improves outcomes.

Home health care billing software

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