Sep 27 2017

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Disorganized? Organized? Got Clutter? Hoarding issues?

Need more productivity? Time management problems?

Moving? Packing? Unpacking? Downsizing?

Senior needing to downsize to stay put or move?

Want Training to become a Professional Organizer?

We are YOUR Organizing Specialist!

We’ll help YOU get organized or train you to become a Professional Organizer.

Judy Warmington and Treva Berends

Judy and Treva have over 55 years combined experience in the field of Professional Organizing. Judy hosted “Take Time to Make Time” on WCSG/91.3FM Radio for twenty-one years. Treva has many years of experience in office management. Together they formed The Organizing Specialists and to date they have trained over 430 organizers who live in 31 different states, Washington D.C, and New Zealand. We network together to help you get organized no matter where you live!

  • Organizing Residential Business (Corporate to Home Office)
  • Moving Prep / Unpacking
  • Senior Moves or Stay-Put Organizing
  • Speeches / Workshops / Seminars
  • Training of Professional Organizers
  • A.D.D. (adult student)/ Coaching
  • Personal Assistant
  • Time Management
  • Hoarding Situations
  • Phone / Email /Virtual Coaching
  • Home Staging / Downsizing
  • Space Designing
  • Event Planning

Ready for the services of a Professional Organizer?

Call or email today to begin dialoging with one of our organizers!

Want to become a Professional Organizer?

Our training is the ideal overview class that you need before considering other specific education courses. Our training is to explore the profession of organizing, to launch, or kick start your existing business. We want to help you enter the field of Professional Organizing and link you into our unique referral network!

If you’re ready to take our training, contact us for what start date/time work for you and we’ll coordinate calendars!

Pre-Training Self Study Exercises + 3- Phone Conference Sessions + Coaching/Mentoring after Training

*On-going mentoring after the training is “free” for as long as you need/want it = you’re not alone you have a network of organizers with you!

This method of training has proven to be extremely effective to prepare someone for becoming a Professional Organizer or move a new organizing business forward. For more details see “Training ” (right).

Trainee comments about P.O. Fast Track Training:

“I really enjoyed the organizing training! It was very flexible for my busy schedule as a mom and I enjoyed being able to ask questions from two great ladies who have been in the business for a long time. Judy and Treva were very helpful on the conference calls, in the training material provided and via email. I’m also excited to start receiving leads to get my business rolling. I’m very thankful to have experienced organizers helping me in this new adventure in my life and am excited to see my business grow!”

It was a pleasure to meet and train with Treva and Judy! They are both professional, but also very down to earth with their style and delivery of training. I truly appreciate their depth of knowledge and experience in this industry and the willingness to share. I walked away feeling that my burning questions had been answered, better prepared for my new clients and with a solid feeling of being connected to a network of “like minded” professionals.Thank you!

* More comments about our training:

I feel much more confident about the whole process –

both running a business doing organizing.” M.C.

“It was a wonderful class. Thank you for putting it on.” C.N.

“Been There, done that – one of my better decisions.” P.N.

(more comments – click “Endorsements” to right)

We bring peace and order at a time of transition.

We’ve had many years of helping people move. Whether you’re a young family or a Senior transitioning into a new community – we’ve successfully facilitated many moves with our trained and caring teams! Email or Call us TODAY for details on how we can take you from the downsize process to the settle-into-your-new-home phase!

We have “Move/Downsize” Teams ready, willing, and very able to assist in decision making, packing, unpacking, settling in. whatever you want/need to manage your move and reduce clutter for less stress and more harmony in a time of transition. Call us TODAY!

Put one of our organizers and/or move teams to work for you!

. that’s one of the things I like about the TOS network. such nice caring people!”

Need to schedule or want to hear a Speech or Workshop on Organizing?

Lively speeches or life changing seminars!

See “Speeches and Workshops” (right) or see opportunities to hear a presentation on our “Calendar of Events ” (top)

Want to join our Tip of the Month Club?

A Tip To-do each month from Judy s Daybreaks calendar!

Click “contact” (top) and request to be placed on the emailing list!

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