Nov 3 2017

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How Much Does It Cost to Install Video Survelliance

The cost of security cameras is the first thing to consider when setting up a home surveillance system. When selecting a type of camera, be sure to check whether the device has the capability to record in color and at night, and definitely look up the camera’s resolution. Higher resolutions will display a better picture but may be more costly.

Home Surveillance Systems

Often, buyers are able to purchase individual cameras, but it’s usually more cost-efficient to buy an entire system in a bundle so that all of the equipment works well together and is easy to install. Below are some video security brands that sell home surveillance systems .


Swann products are helpful for the DIY homeowners that would rather set up the system themselves than hire a contractor to perform the installation. The DVR does lack some features of more typical surveillance systems, but the easy-to-use functionality and the helpful phone support staff make up for this in customer service.

Night Owl

The Night Owl brand is another option for shoppers looking for a home security system on a budget. Depending on the resolution of the camera, there are sometimes quality issues, but the system works well at night and is fairly easy to install.


The picture quality with Q-See products is often great. One of the drawbacks of this brand, however, is the difficult setup and lack of quality remote viewing tools.


The DVR is the device that the cameras are connected to, and its primary function is the recording and on-site viewing of the camera feeds. DVRs vary in price, depending on factors that range from the functionality of the viewing software to the number of channels it supports. For those looking to cut costs, a 4-channel DVR may be sufficient, but those who have many different areas to cover should opt for a DVR that has 8 channels or more.

In addition, the size of the internal storage can affect the price of a DVR system. Homeowners looking for comprehensive records of what the cameras pick up should choose DVRs with 1TB or more, but shoppers on a budget may find a less expensive DVR with smaller storage capacity. Often, if the cameras are set to record only when motion is detected, a smaller storage capacity can suffice.

Computer Monitor

If on-site monitoring of the video cameras is required, a homeowner may want to purchase a computer monitor to hook up to the DVR. Be sure to check the DVR to ensure that it has the correct connectors for a regular monitor.


Surveillance cable, also known as BNC cable, is another major factor to consider when calculating cost. Many surveillance system packages come with cable, but it’s often necessary to purchase additional lines to compensate for extra cameras or longer runs that the included cable is too short to reach. Those with a wide area to cover might require the extra length, but it may be more cost-efficient to place the DVR in a location where shorter cables can be used.

Installation Costs

For those who do not consider themselves technologically savvy or would rather not take on another DIY project, it may be beneficial to look into local contractors to perform the installation. Electricians and network technicians are equally equipped to do the job, depending on a homeowner’s individual needs. It’s important to calculate the cost of service when budgeting for a home surveillance system.


Shoppers may be able to enhance their home security system by utilizing additional products and features.

Fake Cameras

Many homeowners are unable to purchase a whole suite of cameras because of budgetary constraints. If a shopper can only cover a limited area with real cameras but still wants to deter potential burglars from all angles of a home, fake cameras can be purchased in a variety of styles to complement the existing system. Many even come with blinking LED lights that look authentic.


If the sight of wires and rat nests are a concern, a conduit is a helpful way to conceal the BNC cable as well as protect wires from the elements. Choose a type of conduit that matches the color of the house. Additionally, shoppers may want to pick between a square-shaped conduit and triangular depending on their needs and aesthetic preferences. Conduits are fairly pricey, so it’s important to cut down on the amount of wires that are visible or susceptible to weather conditions.


For those who want remote viewing capability, there are a variety of apps available on smartphones with Internet access that allow the viewing of cameras from any location. Fortunately, many of them can be found in app stores for free.

How to Find Video Surveillance Products on eBay

From the eBay homepage, navigate to the Electronics category and choose the TV, Audio Surveillance option. Shoppers can look up specific products by typing search terms into the search bar at the top of each page, and search results can be filtered using the options on the left-hand side.

Video Surveillance

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