Sep 21 2017

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How Much Does Video Conferencing Equipment Cost?


Video conferencing has evolved as a multimedia that defied distance. Basically, it provides transmission of static pictures and texts between persons in two different locations. At its most advanced, video conferencing transmits full-motion video images and high-definition audio between individuals in multiple locations. A video conference can then be generally defined as a live, visual connection between two or more people residing in separate locations for the purpose of communication.

There are a lot of ways to do video conferencing. Depending on the types of video conference. equipment vary in sizes and shapes. Video conference equipment varies in cost, depending on the business setting. There are different video conferencing solutions for SMEs and large companies.

Video Conferencing Solutions

The most common type is desktop video conferencing. The Chief Information Officer of Alain Afflelou, Tassy Ludovic says that with Polycom solutions, we are able to connect to any device and communicate with anyone. That seems like a very easy way to solve communication problems. There are different software available in the market to install and enjoy the features of video conferencing. While some can be installed for free, most efficient software with optimal features come with costs. Polycom video conferencing equipment has a lot of features, and must be quite affordable and for companies like Alain Afflelou to patronize them.

Telepresence is another type of distant communication technology. It includes the use of virtual reality technology that gives the appearance of persons, as if they are all present in the same location. Telepresence lets participants looked at each other directly as if they are just in a physical meeting set-up. Their screens are often set-up in a circle.

Another video conferencing solution is the room-based video conferencing. Screens or projectors are mounted in one room, while integrated video conferencing systems are set up in a centralized location with hardware and programs written to convey messages to that room. This is usually used for boardroom meetings and classrooms settings.

All video conferencing solutions have varying levels of communication. They differ in their specifications, as well as in prices. Therefore, before one subscribes to this kind of technology, it is advisable to compare their features and costs.

Below are some comparisons between desktop video conferencing, Telepresence, and room-based video conferencing:

Desktop Video Conference

The price of prepaid plan services for desktop video conferencing often ranges from $24 to $79 per month, depending on the number of attendees. Usually, software companies offer free trials. If you do not want to opt for low cost video conferencing equipment. try going for free software that can be installed in computers and laptops.

For Telepresence, tools like Polycom video conferencing equipment can cost up to $100,000. Your subscription fees depend on the size and needs of your business. Cisco video conferencing equipment prices for Telepresence are competitive. Cisco also offers accessories, cameras, carts, microphones, codes, and other systems. Video conferencing engineers also offer technical support for Cisco products when the company is about to install the service.

In video conferencing equipment, prices for room-based video conferencing equipment, there are several plans, depending on the size of the business. It ranges from $10,000 up to $44,999 for small to medium clients. For bigger companies, it can cost up to $79,999.

The video conferencing equipment cost in India is getting very competitive, given the establishment of many service providers. It is important to research on every video conferencing hardware cost to know how it can expedite your business processes. If you are starting a business, the cost of video conferencing equipment in India might be one thing you should investigate first. Try to compare the cost; the value it would give; and how it can help reduce general costs too. For businesses, the substantial benefits of video conferencing include lower travel costs (especially for employee training) and shortened project durations as a result of enhanced communications among team members.

A Better Way of Video Conferencing

Experts recommend ezTalks video conferencing equipment for those who are starters, and who wants a reliable virtual conference experience for business. Compared to the others, (especially with Sony video conferencing equipment prices), their offers combine affordability and high quality service.

With ezTalks, professional and easy-to-use video conferencing services are delivered. When price range is compared, it is significantly lesser than Polycom video conferencing equipment price.

For one, users can have a starter plan for free with up to 100 participants. It also offers pro and enterprise plans which start at $12 per month, including the hosting. For the enterprise plan, it covers the pro features which can host up to 10,000 participants and with up to 64 HD video streams per meeting. Individual users can also have customized features. It covers 24 hours e-mail, LiveChat, phone support, and dedicated account manager support.

It is important to research on tele-conference equipment reviews and see what end-users feel about the services. From there, weigh out your options.


For convenience, understand that remote workers and participants of the video conference should have a clear grasp of the system to avoid impending conflicts. Know their thoughts and how the group can make better video conferencing experiences. It is also vital to provide training when using new video conferencing equipment.

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