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How To Block Ads In IE9 – AdBlock Plus Alternative For IE, block ads internet explorer.

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How To Block Ads In IE9 AdBlock Plus Alternative For IE

Block Ads In IE9, A AdBlock Plus alternative for Internet Explorer 9. In this tutorial I will show you how you can get a Ad blocking software equivalent to the most popular AdBlock Plus for Firefox in your very own Internet explorer. This method doesn’t need any software and the best part is that it also supports element hiding. This is simply the best method to hide ads in IE9 ( Internet Explorer ).

Block ads internet explorer

Personally I don t use IE to browse the web, As I am very happy with my Firefox and Chrome. The main reason is simple and may be all of you know the answer. IE is a good browser and the latest version IE9 is better but still it is not good enough to compete to Chrome or Firefox. But there are still a larger section of Internet users, who are using IE as their main browser. No matter why you are using Internet Explorer, if you are looking for genuine way to block ads in IE then you are in the right place. The method I am going to use doesn t require any software installation and hence you can implement the trick even if you don t have administrative rights.

First of all open up your IE9 browser from your start menu or taskbar. now visit this Fanboy Adblock page and add the TPL to your browser as shown in the screenshot below.

Block ads internet explorer

In a popup window you will be asked for permission to add the TPL to your browser. Click Add List option. Now save this ElementHidingRules.zip file to your desktop and extract it to get the ElementHidingRules.css file. Now while in the browser, click Alt+X to bring up the browser settings menu. Now select the Internet Options and after that you will see the Internet Option window. Now follow the screenshot below.

Block ads internet explorer

In the option window Click the Accessibility option and in the popup window click the checkbox under User Style Sheet . Now use the Browse button to select the ElementHidingRules.css file you have downloaded in the previous step. Now click the Ok button to save your settings. Now you can open any website in your Internet explorer and it will be completely add free. Below I have attached two screenshots showing the effectiveness of this method. The First screenshot was taken before applying the trick and the second one was taken after the trick had been applied. You can clearly see the difference.

Block ads internet explorer

Block ads internet explorer

Nirab Sarma Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Block ads internet explorer

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