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How to find Serviced Apartments in Dubai

With Dubai being a popular business and tourist destination for travellers from all around the world, serviced apartments in Dubai are becoming an increasingly popular option. These are self-contained apartment units that provide most of the amenities you would have in your home, such as a kitchen, television, internet and washer-dryer. Serviced apartments in Dubai are offered by many hotels or you could opt for one in a residential complex. The latter are fully furnished residential apartments that have been upgraded for short or long-term stays and include services such as laundry and dry-cleaning facilities, broadband and high-speed internet. They also come fully equipped with daily life amenities such as cutlery items, curtains and bed and bath linens.

Serviced apartments have several advantages over traditional hotels, the biggest plus point being that they provide a home-away-from-home type of feel for occupants at affordable rates. Whereas a hotel room would pretty much consist of a single room with an attached bathroom, serviced apartments can be studios (with living and sleeping arrangements in one room), one, two or three bedrooms depending on preference, and you often end up paying less for a larger area than a similarly sized hotel room.

For many travellers and visitors, these self-sufficient apartments provide them with great flexibility when it comes to food. Equipped with modern kitchens and amenities such as a fridge, microwave and cooking range, you can opt to cook meals at home if you feel like it, order take-out or go out for dinner. This is an excellent option for saving money for the traveller on a limited budget or families with kids who would find dining out several times a day a huge drain on their wallets!

Serviced apartments in Dubai are most beneficial for the following users:

  • Corporate travellers who visit the city frequently for conferences and seminars benefit greatly from low-cost furnished apartments. This is an economical option for the corporation as well since they don’t need to buy and maintain a property in the city.
  • People looking to relocate to Dubai can benefit from a short-term rental which serves as a comfortable base while looking for permanent accommodation.
  • Furnished apartments are a special boon for travellers with kids. There are many options for kid-friendly apartments that provide safe play areas, children’s activities and kid-safety measures within the apartment.
  • For those looking to share a room, such as backpackers or tourists who are passing through, a serviced apartment can be shared, making it a much more cost-effective option than having to rent out individual rooms in a hotel.
  • Medical tourists who come to Dubai for treatment can benefit from fully-equipped kitchens which allow them to maintain diets recommended by their doctors.

Booking a furnished apartment is as easy as booking a hotel room. You can look for one online or through a specialized serviced apartment agent, such as Better Homes LLC, who make thousands of reservations for clients and can guide you on location and type of apartments available.

With Dubai’s world renowned reputation for providing the ultimate in luxury accommodation for visitors to the city, there are many locations in and around Dubai that offer fully furnished apartments on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly rentals. Here are some of the most popular areas in Dubai to rent furnished apartments; these areas also cater to several different budgets so you can opt for an affordable apartment without compromising on modern amenities.

Dubai Marina

For good, affordable furnished apartments in an unbeatable location, the Dubai Marina is your best bet. Catering to a large number of foreigners, the Marina provides quick access to some of Dubai’s famous landmarks including the Burj Khalifa and the Burj Al Arab, and to some of the city’s world renowned malls like the Mall of the Emirates and Dubai Mall. It is packed with cafes, restaurants and hotels set amidst some great architecture offering amazing views of the city. The Nuran Marina Serviced Residences provide wonderful accommodation at affordable rates right in the Dubai Marina.

Downtown Dubai

The DIFC (Dubai International Financial Centre) is the financial hub of Dubai and a destination for most of the city’s business and banking travellers. The Al Murooj Rotana Hotel and Suites is the ideal location for easy access to this banking hub and just a few minutes away from the Convention Centre and the World Trade Centre.

Al Barsha

If you need to be close to the two technology hubs Dubai Media City and Dubai Internet City, Barsha, provides comfortable living in a peaceful setting that caters to the local, migrant and traveller population. The community offers access to some of the emirate’s super luxury hotels like the Hotel Ibis Al Barsha, and is also well known for more affordable accommodation options such as the Dunes Hotel Apartments and Auris Boutique Hotel Apartments offering luxurious living at economical rates.


The heart of Dubai, Deira is a popular location for Dubai’s migrant working population owing to the affordable accommodation and food options available in its mid-range restaurants and residential complexes. The City Seasons Suites, located adjacent to the Deira City Center Mall and just a few minutes taxi ride from the Dubai International Airport, provides comfortable serviced apartments with access to other amenities such as aromatherapy, reflexology and massages from the hotel’s in-house therapists.

Palm Jumeirah

For tourists who cannot leave Dubai without experiencing the magic of the world famous man-made Palm Jumierah Islands, the Shoreline Hotel Apartments offers luxury living with stunning views of Dubai’s coastline and the Burj Al Arab. It is located five minutes away from the Atlantis Hotel with plenty of activities for children including theme parks, aquariums and water sports. Conveniently connected to the mainland by a tunnel and bridge, the Palm is the ideal location for tourists and visitors who want an experience unique to Dubai.

Whether you’re in the city for business, leisure or a more long term stay, serviced apartments in Dubai are available all over the city, with a variety of amenities to suit every budget and lifestyle requirement.

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