Sep 18 2017

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How To Shave Your Head

Shaving your head is not really very hard, but it can be a little intimidating the first time. For the first-time shaver, here are the steps required to turn your hairy head into a smooth scalp.

    1. First off, your hair has to be trimmed down to stubble. Anything longer makes for a difficult shave.
      • You can have a barber trim it down to stubble, or do it yourself with a set of Hair Clippers . It doesn t have to be cut perfectly evenly, but try to get is as short as possible.
    2. Purchase a good razor. The Gillette Fusion is less than $10 and does a great job.
    3. When you re ready to start shaving, get your head as wet as possible.
      • If you shave after a shower, your hair should be softer and easier to cut.
      • Being wet and soft reduces the chance that you ll suffer from razor bumps or ingrown hairs.
      • Other methods of wetting your hair: splashing with hot water (minimum 30 seconds, preferably 2 minutes); using a moist, wet cloth and letting it sit on your head for a couple of minutes.
    4. Apply a shaving lubricant and get it worked in as well as possible.
      • This is an important step. The better your lubricant is worked in, the better your shave. It can make a big difference both to closeness and to comfort, so don t neglect this simple part of your routine.
      • I use Sir Hare Head Shaving oil. The oil provides a nice layer of protection and a very close and smooth shave
    5. Start shaving!
      • Shave hair that is softer or lighter first. Shave areas that have coarser or stiffer hair last (like the back of the head). This gives the shaving cream more time to soften coarse hair and provides a much more comfortable shave.
      • Use slow, even strokes, and don t rush things.
      • Shaving against the grain produces the closest results. Shaving with the grain produces the least irritation. The direction you take will depend on how sensitive your skin is, and how close a shave you want.
      • For the least irritation and smallest chance of nicking yourself, pass over each area of your scalp only once. You can shave over the same area more than once if you feel the need to shave closer, but each pass may increase the irritation you experience.
  1. When you re done, clean it up and perform your post-shave routine.
    • If you prepare for shaving properly, there shouldn t be much irritation, and you probably won t need aftershave. I usually just wash my head with soap and water and towel off again.
    • After washing up, splash some cold water over the shaved area. The warm water you used during the shave opens your pores, which allows your skin to draw in moisture. Cold water will close the pores, allowing your skin to retain that moisture. Also, it cools the skin and feels great.
    • If you do experience irritation, use a good aftershave lotion or skin care lotion. The most important thing about any aftershave product is that it should soothe your skin and help it heal. Aftershave products or skin care lotions that contain Aloe Vera or Vitamin E will help. Avoid aftershaves that contain alcohol. Alcohol dries out the skin, and this is the last thing you need after shaving.

If you have coarse or curly hair. you should take extra care while shaving, because you are more likely to get razor bumps or ingrown hair. Shave with the grain and don t make more than two passes over the same area, and be sure your hair is very wet when you start shaving. If you tend to suffer from razor bumps, check out this article on razor bumps for information and suggestions.

Now you know how to shave your head. If you are ready, here are the best electric shavers to get you started.

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