Apr 14 2019

How to Use Auto Tune: 13 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Use Auto Tune: 13 Steps (with Pictures), NEF2.COM

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How to Use Auto Tune

AutoTune, love it or hate it, is an iconic pitch-correction software that’s gained popularity in songs by the likes of Cher, T-Pain, Daft Punk, and countless other rappers and pop singers. The use of pitch-correction has been a staple in recording, however, for as long as music has been recorded on computers. While it’s use for robotic voice effects is relatively new, pitch-correction is as common as microphones in pro recording studios. You can use it to clean up natural-sounding vocal tracks or make yourself sound like you’re from outer space. See Step 1 for more information.

Steps Edit

Part One of Three:
Getting the Software and Hardware Edit

Get recording software that is compatible with AutoTune. AutoTune is a program designed to pitch-correct recorded vocal tracks. If you want to use AutoTune, you’ve got to have a computer with enough speed and space to run a basic recording package and install AutoTune software. Some packages are expensive, but include basically the same options for the beginner, so get one that’s in your budget if you’re just getting started. Good, user-friendly recording software includes:

  • Audacity
  • GarageBand
  • Pro-Tools

Download Antares. Obtain Auto Tune from its official website. Install the software. You can also browse for more simple packages, like the AutoTune EFX 3, which leaves off some of the more complicated features of the software, but is a good option if you’re just looking to get a T-Pain effect on a song.

  • Antares isn’t cheap, but it’s the software the pros use. If you want to try it with a free trial, you can apply it to a few recordings and see if you’re interested in making the purchase.
  • If you buy Antares, take the tutorial for more specific information and guidance on using it with your home recordings. It’s complex and professional software, very versatile for home recording. Do your research.

Get a microphone . If you’re going to record music, you need a good-quality USB mic and any other MIDI hardware you need to record the music you want to back your AutoTuned vocals.

  • Alternatively, if you want to alter the settings on pre-recorded tracks, all you need is an isolated vocal track to import into Audacity, or whatever software you’re using, and add your effect.

Try “I am T-Pain. ” If you’re not interested in making actual recordings but want to have some fun with Daft Punk vocals, you just need to use your phone. AutoTune gained fame after becoming notable on tracks by Cher, T-Pain, and other pop singers. T-Pain developed a mobile phone app that’s widely available and fun to use as a novelty, though not good for use in more professional recordings.

  • Download the app and open it. When you sing into the mouthpiece of your phone, it works as an instant-AutoTuner, or really more like a vocoder. You can also record yourself and play it back, or you can sing along karaoke-style to T-Pain songs.

Give StarMaker a shot. StarMaker is a free app that combines karaoke with AutoTune. If you want to sound like a star on your favorite songs, it’s a good option to try out. It works like a game, and you can earn tokens to purchase new songs, making it a good quality option for kids or adults who’re interested in just singing along and having fun.

Load Songify onto your Android. Songify takes AutoTune one step farther. It takes bits of speech and any other records you have and turns them into songs, complete with backing tracks, pitch-correction, and music. Instant-pop songs. All you’ve got to do is upload the app and hit record, and it spits back a silly, but perfectly tuned, song.

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