Sep 13 2017

How to write a proper Internet usage policy: Management Research News: Vol 28, No 2 #internet #usage #policy, #privacy #rights, #employee #behaviour


Management Research News

How to write a proper Internet usage policy

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Citation: Brad Welebir. Brian H. Kleiner. (2005) “How to write a proper Internet usage policy”, Management Research News. Vol. 28 Issue: 2/3, pp.80-87, doi: 10.1108/01409170510785129 DOI http://dx.doi.org/10.1108/01409170510785129

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Increased usage of the Internet at work has prompted organisations to write Internet Usage Policies to establish appropriate use. This article addresses the main components of an Internet Usage Policy, including security, monitoring and filtering, privacy rights, intellectual property, organisation representation, acceptable personal use, unacceptable personal use, investigation of violations and corrective action, and notification of policy. Each section explains what should be written in the policy, and how it should be written. Internet Usage Policies should be tailored to fit the organisation’s culture. Management must enforce the policies, but be careful not to act like big brother policing every activity employees engage in. Organisations will find that Internet Usage Policies provide a written basis for discouraging Internet misuse, but ultimately the organisational culture will have the strongest effect on employee behaviour.

Keywords: Internet usage policy. Privacy rights. Employee behaviour Type: Research paper Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing Limited Copyright: © Emerald Group Publishing Limited 2005
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