Jul 31 2017

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Staff Files is a complete record of our employees without having to shuffle through paper files. It’s easy and concise. We are utilizing the entire program and have found it amazing!

Mary Beth Soto
Practice Manager

Main Street
Veterinary Hospital
Flower Mound, TX

Staff Files is the quickest and easiest way to access personnel information. It saves time and keeps information confidential.

Staff Files is intuitive and user-friendly. It’s so easy to use; we didn’t even have to read the user manual! We used to manage records manually with individual paper files per employee. Now we spend less time doing paperwork and more time focusing on our business.

Adolfo Yarhi
Delimport Internacional, S.A.

Prior to using Staff Files our employee information was maintained in separate files and in our accounting software, which was not sufficient! Staff Files is easy to use and learn; it makes my job easier by compiling all the employee information we have into one program, plus it saves us time.

Melanie Jones
STEMIC Enterprises, Inc.
Fort Myers, FL

It is the only easy-to-use program out there for small companies. It is affordable and has great tech support. The auto-accrual feature is awesome! Reminders are good, too.

Human Resources Software

Staff Files 8.0 is the easiest way to manage employee information including time-off accruals, training records, and performance reviews.

90-day money-back guarantee

Thank you for choosing to try Staff Files!

Click on the Download Now button to start downloading the free demo edition of the software. The file size is 24.3 MB, so it could take a couple of minutes to download.

  1. If necessary, click on the Save As option and save to your desktop.
  2. When the download is complete, double click on the SFdemo.exe file on your desktop to install the demo software.
  3. You can expect a registration screen to appear the first time you use the demo. User registration is free. There s no obligation to buy.
  4. If you have any questions, please call 1-800-874-8801 .

The demo edition of our employee scheduling software is available for up to 15 uses .

Optimize the features in Staff Files

Download the Tips Tricks Guide (.pdf, 395 KB) to learn how to use the Staff Files demo to its full potential.

HR software that stores over 900,000 electronic personnel files

Human resources software that s fast, easy and proven!

Staff Files is the easiest way to manage employee information. For over 15 years, Staff Files HR software has been helping businesses save time and become more organized. With a 90-day money-back guarantee, you can try it for yourself risk free.

Watch Our Video to See How Staff Files Can Help You

What can you do with Staff Files human resources software?

  • Store all employee information in one place
  • Track an employee s history at your company with ease
  • Retrieve employee information quickly
  • Secure confidential employee information to protect privacy
  • Create HR documents, employee handbooks, office policies and job descriptions (Pro edition only )
  • See who made changes to employee records in the Audit trail (Pro edition only )

Staff Files brings efficiency to managing employee information

Finally, a flexible HR software that simplifies the way you manage personnel files. With Staff Files’ quick-tab navigation system, you can track all types of employee information in one location instead of sifting through folders and file cabinets.

Keep Personnel Records in One Place

Staff Files organizes data in virtual tabs to make personnel information easily accessible. Each tab contains fields and note areas for storing information for each of your employees. Staff Files tabs include:

  • General
  • Emergency
  • Wages
  • Benefits
  • Accruals and Time Off
  • Training and Certification
  • Incidents
  • Performance Evaluations
  • Reminders
  • Notes
  • User Defined Fields
  • Documents
  • Separation

Keep Track of Accruals and Time Off

Staff Files keeps the answers to questions like “How much vacation time do I have left?” right at your fingertips. The Accruals tab tracks sick time, vacation time, personal leave, and any other time off accruals that you define by showing hours accrued, hours taken, and the balance remaining. Staff Files can also automatically calculate time-off accruals based on how your business works. The auto accrual policy wizard makes it easy to create accrual policies that will automatically add time to employee accrual accounts based on the answers you provide in the step-by-step wizard. And it’s easy to view or print accrual policy settings at any time.

Staff Files has Flexible Reports

We understand each business is different. Flexible reporting and printing options let you retrieve information from Staff Files in easy-to-read formats. Professional reports, templates and letters are included, and you have the option to use data from the underlying Microsoft Access database with external applications for advanced reporting capabilities.

Keep Scanned Documents Together with Employee Information

The Documents tab lets you keep even more in your electronic personnel records. Scan paper copies of documents you want to store and display in Staff Files like passports, applications, resumes, etc. or link to saved documents or images on your PC.

Staff Files Brings Security to Confidential Personnel Files

Staff Files’ multi-level password system allows you to customize your own security levels, so you can control who has access to confidential information. The security settings let you restrict access to one or more tabs, or departments, or any combination of the two. You can allow read or write access to all tabs, or restrict access to sensitive information in tabs, such as Wages, Reminders, and Evaluations all together. You can also set manager access to view information for a particular manager’s department only. Database passwords and read-only or data entry rights allow you to take security to the level you need.

HR software that helps you communicate to your staff and remember important dates

Improve communication with your employees by using reminders and pre-written HR letter templates. Create and customize your own employee letters using Microsoft Word, populate them with various fields from Staff Files, or edit any of the letter templates already included. Stay on top of the details with Staff Files’ built-in reminder system which helps make sure you don’t miss important dates, and notifies you when it’s time to backup your database.

Multi-user licenses available

Does more than one person need access to Staff Files? Get a multi-user license and allow others to view or edit personnel records from any networked PC. With a Staff Files multi-user license, you can:

  • Share your employee information with others (read/write or read-only access)
  • Save time by giving each department manager access to the personnel information they need
  • Eliminate questions by allowing department managers to view their departments sick time and vacation time balances
  • Ensure your staff has the most up-to-date personnel records

Start tracking your employee information the easy way! Order online or call 1-800-874-8801 today.


System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 2000/NT/Me/XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 /Windows 10
  • Microsoft Word 2000 or higher
  • Adobe Reader 6.0 or higher
  • Any printer and mouse supported by Windows 2000 or higher
  • CD-ROM drive (if ordering a CD)

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