Aug 2 2017

Ibiza Hotels Directory, discover your ideal accommodation #apartments #in #chesapeake #va

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Ibiza Hotels, discover your ideal accommodation!

Ibiza hotels, you can discover the ideal accommodation for you in our site in many different ways, you can just fill the form above with your requirements and the click on Search.

You may rather first see what the hotels really look like. The best way for you to do this by watching one of our over 150 Videos we have made for you. If you want a even more realistic experience you should try our virtual 360 tours.

The range of hotels in Ibiza is large enough to cover the tastes of everyone. To make your accommodation quest a little easier we have divided the ibiza hotels into different categories. To start off, you will find them divided up on the left hand side by category. Then as you move down you will see they are divided into other characteristics. Like, can I connect with Wi Fi internet, if I’m disabled or handicapped are they ready for me, will they accept my animal pets.

You might be thinking that’s great but isn’t that going to be very expensive? The answer is No. Because on the right hand side you will find our special offers with a large range of hotels offering discounts and special offers. Here you will find the best deal.

Hotels in Ibiza are very popular, for this reason suggest you make your booking as soon as possible to make sure you don’t miss out on one of the most famous and most exclusive islands in the world.

Ibiza Hotels Clients Comments


If your looking for a little accommodation far from the madding crowd thn it is an ideal one. I enjoyd my stay over here without being disturbed. The service was not as fast as I ve expected, still the staff are friendly. But they can improve a lot better. I booked a junior suite which was locatd in the main building from where I could easily view the main road to Ibiza town from the balcony. The food served was tasty. Breakfast served contains ham and omlettes. There is also a lovly swimming pool making it perfect to take a refreshing dip. For someone who is lukin for a honeymoon break hotel, for them I would say it is an ideal one.

Hotel: Parot Apartments

We reached Ibiza tired and exhausted and so booked this hotel thinking we would shift to another hotel the next day. But we found the staffs friendly and so decided to stay at this hotel. The room was not that excellent like a 5 star hotel but still we found the hotel quite homely. The staff came every morning to clean our room. On request they provided us the breakfast in our room. Though it was a good place to stay but i didnt find the food up to the mark. So we went out everyday to have our meal. Close to the hotel you will easily find restaurants and bars at a reasonable price. There is a lot things to explore in Ibiza besides the sandy beach. So we spent our time exploring the island like a passionate traveller. This hotel was also beneficial for us because we could easily catch a taxi or bus to reach places.

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