Feb 8 2018

Indigo Springs Affordable Apartments for Rent in Mesa AZ 480-409-0450, affordable apartments for rent.#Affordable #apartments #for #rent


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Community Features

    • Controlled Gate Access
    • Business Center
    • Fitness Center
    • Complementary Package Receiving
    • Garages Available
    • On Site Maintenance
    • Spa
    • 2 Sparkling Pools
    • Covered Parking
    • Wifi Hot Spot in Main Common Area
    • On Site Management
    • Club House
    • Storage Space
    • Free DVD Rentals
    • Cares Team
    • Short Term Leases Available

    Affordable apartments for rent

    Apartment Features

    Affordable apartments for rent

    One Bedroom


    Size : 724 Sq Ft

    Affordable apartments for rent


    Size : 825 Sq Ft

    Affordable apartments for rent

    Two Bedroom

    Size : 956 Sq Ft

    Affordable apartments for rent


    Size : 1046 Sq Ft

    Affordable apartments for rent

    Three Bedroom


    Size : 1152 Sq Ft

    Affordable apartments for rent


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    Pet Policies

    Cats : Allowed

    Total allowed : A maximum of 2 pets per apartment.

    Dogs : Allowed

    Total allowed : A maximum of 2 pets per apartment. Comments : While we are a pet friendly community we do have certain breed restrictions: Chow, Rottweiler, Mastiff, Akita, Great Dane, Doberman, German Shepard, Dalmatian, Bernese Mountain Dog, Bedlington Terrier, Saluki, Wimaraner, Malamute, Pitt Bull (or American Staffordshire Terrier as some people call them).

    Local Services

    Elementary School

    Distance To : 1 mile Details : Keller Elementary School

    High School

    Distance To : 1 mile Details : Mesa High School

    Details : Right in front of the property

    Covered Lot

    Details : Fee Type: Free

    Middle School

    Distance To : 2-3 Mile Details : Mesa Junior High


    Distance To : 1/2 Block Details : US 60

    Distance To : Right Behind the Community Details : Sherwood Public Park is located right behind the community, Gate access from our property!

    Garage Lot

    Details : Fee Type: Both

    Comments: All of our apartment homes include one free covered reserved parking spot. Garages are available for $75 a month.

    Tips for Making the Move to Your New Apartment an Easy One

    Affordable apartments for rent

    Summer is right around the corner and so is moving season. Moving season? Yes, you might be surprised to discover that summer is the prime time the majority of people move. This season takes place from May 15th to August 31st and more than 65% off all moves occur during this period. What does this mean for you? Well, moving at any time requires prior planning and moving during the prime months of the season can be a breeze as long as you have a timeline, strategy and well-thought-out plan for getting yourself on track.

    Hire a Moving Company Early

    With so many people packing up and heading to their new homes it’s important to book your moving company as soon as you can. If you wait until the final week or two prior to your move-in date, you will have fewer options to choose from and might end up with a company that is not the best value.

    Develop a Realistic Budget

    Moving during the peak months will naturally mean that costs will be higher. No one likes to hear it, but if you accept this and plan a realistic budget to allow for these slightly inflated prices, you will be much more relaxed during the move itself with no unexpected added costs popping up.

    Don’t Take the Online Price Quote as a Definitive Amount

    Some companies will offer online price quotes. This can help you get a ballpark idea but the more realistic quote will come from having the mover come see the space in person. Once this is done, you can get a written estimate that will be on par with what you can actually expect it to cost.

    Consolidate Your Belongings

    More “stuff” equals more boxes and additional moving costs for time. Moving in to your new apartment really gives you the chance to evaluate your current belongings so that you can only take those that you still need. If you have clothing that you haven’t worn for years or furniture that you are sick of looking at, why bring it along? Separate the things you must take with you from the things you no longer need and then donate those falling in to the second category. Not only are you helping others out but these donations are also tax deductible.

    Moving is a really exciting time and when you have so much on your mind, it’s easy to get overwhelmed or forget important things you need to do. Take a load off your mind by writing all this in list form. Whether you are the old fashioned pen and paper list type or more of the Excel spreadsheet addict, getting all that you need to do out of your mind and on to a solid list that you can continue to check back on will help keep you moving on the right track.

    Plan What Your Furniture Needs Will Be

    The great thing about moving in to an apartment is that you will have easy access to your floor plan. In fact, most are posted online. This is a great way to visually plan out what furniture you will need and where to place it. If your current furniture isn’t going to fit the floor plan or design, you might want to consider selling it prior to your move. Not only will this save you money when it comes to moving time, but it will also allow you to use this money toward paying your movers. When you are ready to get new furniture, many businesses offer free delivery! Yet another great way to save!

    Check in With Your Mover a Week Prior to Your Moving Date

    Moving during the peak of the season doesn’t need to be aggravating. Even though you may have reserved your mover months in advance, it’s wise to check in a week prior to moving to make sure your schedule is still on the books. Sometimes the large amount of bookings the company receives in peak season can leave some customers lost in the shuffle. A simple call to check-in can help eliminate this concern.

    New Community Website

    We are pleased to launch our new community website. We will post community news and information here as well as to our social media channels so be sure to check back often for new updates.

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