Sep 18 2017

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Travel/Non-Electric Alkaline Water Ionizers

Many have heard about the benefits of drinking antioxidant alkaline water, but were shocked to see how much you will need to pay for an electronic alkaline water ionizer. Now don’t get me wrong, we feel that an expensive alkaline water machine is worth it, we have one. However, some people just do not have that kind of money. What should they do? This is where these excellent non-electric alkaline water filters come in. We want you to know that you have options, many options to produce great tasting alkaline water at how and anywhere you go.

The first thing you should know is that we will not work on any Kangen water machine made by Enagic that is currently under warranty. If you bought a machine from someone the warranty is not transferable to you, so we will have no problem working on your machine. Please also be aware that when you purchase and used a kangen water unit that the machine may not be completely paid for. It may be in your interest to learn whether or not the machine you are about to purchase has been completely paid for. This may or may not affect your ability to have your machine serviced by Enagic. At this time we only off professional cleaning services for kangen water ionizers made by Enagic that is not under warranty. For more information please contact us.

Nutritious Alkalizing Supplements

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