Nov 27 2016

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Housing Apartments for Rent and more. in Your City

This section is designed to list

an estimate Apartment Fair Market (AFM) or Gross Rent per Month,

  • private market apartments for Rent, Income Based and Public Housing, and
  • information on various Housing Authority and Public Housing for each city in US, if available.

    Public housing is a program for elderly people, disabled people and people with low incomes.

    In a public housing apartment, you still have to pay rent, but the less money you make, the lower your rent will be.

    Because public housing is truly affordable housing, and because there is a short supply, it sometimes takes a very long time for there to be a vacancy. Once you start living in public housing, you can stay unless

    you don’t pay the rent

  • you break one of the rules or
  • you start making enough money that you can afford to live in a private market apartment.

    To apply for public housing you need to call or visit the public housing authority office in the city where you want to rent and fill out an application.

    To figure out whether you are eligible for these apartments, you should

    use a percent of AMFI to estimate the income percentage. You can’t get in if your income is above 80% of AMFI. If your income is below this percentage,

  • estimate your rent for this program, and finally
  • get in touch with the housing authority in the city where you want to live.

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