Apr 13 2019

Long Term Alcohol and Drug Rehab

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Long Term Alcohol and Drug Rehab, NEF2.COM

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Long Term Alcohol and Drug Rehab

Each Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches facility offers comprehensive, long-term alcohol and drug rehab to patients who require care beyond the traditional 30-day treatment model. Our comprehensive treatment programs incorporate total behavior modification, in-depth group and individual counseling, family involvement, and a range of other specialized therapies.

Patients who have suffered from prolonged and untreated drug or alcohol addiction may require an extended duration in rehab in order to relearn critical life skills and to rebuild their lives.

Care Beyond the Traditional Model

The purpose of our long-term program is to help patients live a life free of alcohol and drugs by changing the way they view themselves, the world around them, and their respective addictions. Many of our patients have developed addictions or substance abuse problems due to significant and identifiable trauma or mental illness that can’t be resolved or properly addressed within the time frame allocated in traditional treatment. Our long-term program provides patients ample time to heal and examine the origins of their addictions with the help of a qualified and experienced mental health professional.

Addressing the Relationship Between Addiction and Mental Disorders

Alcohol or drug dependency is usually symptomatic of a larger and more complex mental disorder. The factors that contribute to and aggravate drug and alcohol use are as different as the patients that suffer from them. During long-term rehab, patients are allowed and encouraged to redefine their perspectives, outlook, and behavior in order to embrace lifelong recovery and successfully function in the world around them.

Detox and simply getting clean aren’t enough, particularly for long-term sufferers of drug and alcohol addiction. Chemical dependency completely transforms an individual’s brain chemistry; recovery from addiction demands an equally significant transformation. This is what long-term rehab strives to accomplish so that each patient can fully heal and live happy, satisfying lives.

Total Recovery for a Successful New Life

Our long-term rehab program also offers practical support and assistance to patients who are getting ready to leave treatment. By working with their community and expanding their outreach options, we are able to provide valuable post-treatment resources, such as:

  • Referral to local support groups
  • Personalized recovery plans
  • Transitional assistance
  • Family integration

Our long-term rehab fosters a transformation that helps patients maintain successful recovery and safely and successfully manage their mental health.

For deep-rooted addictions, the standard drug or alcohol rehab may not be enough. Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches offers long term drug and alcohol rehab for patients who need extended care. For more details, call (888) 432-2467.

Infographic: Long term alcohol drug rehab produces better results

This infographic uses data from psychcentral.com and the National Institute on Drug Abuse to argue for the increased effectiveness of long term alcohol drug rehab as opposed to shorter term options. In this case, “long term” is defined as rehabs that last 90 days or more, unlike the more common 30 day (or shorter) variety. It begins with two bar graphs that illustrate 1 year success rates for alcohol and drug rehabs respectively. The first shows a 15% success rates for long term alcohol rehab, compared to a 9% success rate for short term options. The second graph shows long term drug rehabs having a 53% success rates versus only a 19% success rate for short term drug rehabs. The infographic concludes with the success rates for treatment programs for physicians that tend to have monitoring and support for 5 years or more: an impressive 79%.

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