Dec 8 2016

Louis Armstrong House Museum #gainesville #apartments

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The museum’s Curatorial Fellows Program is open to African-American History Studies Majors, History Majors, Art Majors, Music Majors, Library Science Majors, and Humanity Majors currently enrolled in historically black colleges and universities and other institutions that have an evident interest in the curatorship of African-American heritage. The program is also open to recent graduates of such programs. We especially welcome applications from communities that are historically under-represented in the museum field. Fellows will be selected through a competitive application process. Details here!

Time to plan those class trips & student groups to Louis’s House! As a National Historic Landmark & New York City Landmark, the museum provides tours designed for students in grades K-12. The tours meet New York State & New York City Learning Standards. Join us!

Swing that music! Gala 2016 celebrates the 60th anniversary of Louis and Ella on Wednesday, November 9, 2016 featuring a special performance by the Catherine Russell Septet. Details here.

Here’s a peek at Louis Armstrong and his Hot Fives in the recording studio in 1959 recording the great album, “Satchmo Plays King Oliver.” This acquisition is monumental for the museum. It’s the first footage we have of Louis Armstrong’s genius at work in the recording studio. Video link here!

This new exhibit celebrates these landmark recordings that were the first records ever to be issued under Armstrong’s own name. This exhibit represents the ground breaking recorded legacy of Louis Armstrong and this immortal group, whose music will continue to influence future generations. As Armstrong himself said of his Hot Five recordings in 1970, “Ain’t nothing like it since, and can’t nobody play nothing like it now. My oldest record, can’t nobody touch it.” Through October 2016.

Hello, Dolly! Check out our virtual tour of Satchmo’s house.

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