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This is my personal review regarding the Fort Worth luxury apartments I live in, Residences Of Museum Place.

I do know how hard it is to find a true luxury apartment in Fort Worth. I was born downtown Fort Worth in the Harris Hospital nearly 50 years ago. I know a little bit about Fort Worth.

My Apartments Downtown Fort Worth:

A very unique apartment complex built right next door to the World Famous Kimbell Art Museum. Its architecture is a work of art in itself.

Residences Of Museum Place Details:

There are no other apartment complexes in Fort Worth that have the artistic look, luxury amenities and extreme construction quality that these luxury apartments have. Not to mention the ultimate location.

The Residences Of Museum Place only has 40 units total. Most of the tenants are either doctors, lawyers, medical students, home/office business people or retirees.

Why apartment construction quality matters:

No need to fret security or noise, see why you should care about the construction quality of the apartments you live in. Residences Of Museum Place, Construction Quality Matters

This is my backyard:

Before I run everyday I actually warm up and stretch out in front of Kimbell’s majestic infinity pool that you see above. Talk about being inspired to exercise. Remember, I don’t drive here. I simply walk across the street from my apartment. The convenience keeps me committed to my routine.

Residences Of Museum Place Interior Details and Pictures:

Interior and layout was critical for me since I work from home. See some of the pictures of my apartment here:

Residences Of Museum Place, When Interior Is Critical

Keep in mind that my place is only a one bedroom unit. There are larger two bedroom units available as well.

The Best Apartments in Fort Worth Location:

I might be a little biased but location was one major key for me. I like parks, museums, attractions, shopping, and eating to be within walking distance from my front door.

There is another popular luxury apartment complex located on the eastside of downtown Fort Worth named the Hillside Apartments. I like them also, however I personally don’t like their location.

Residences Of Museum place is located in the heart of the Fort Worth Cultural District right next door to all the major parks and museums.

Best of all, you have the Modern Art and the Amon Carter Museum at your fingertips. There are 5 World Class Museums all together within two minutes of my door. I love this place!

Residences Of Museum Place Neighbors:



Parks, Zoo, Running and Bike riding trails:

I run through the Botanic Garden and Trinity River nearly every day. Everything is so close I actually only drive about twice a week: My Apartment is Next Door To Fort Worth Botanic Garden and Trinity Park

I take pictures all day long, this is a flower I shot in the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens. I am actually looking for a good camera bag that I can run with now. Since I run almost everyday I have to find away to combine the two.

Residences Of Museum Place Management/Owner review:

I have lived here over 2 years now and I can’t imagine ever moving away. The staff here have me spoiled. The manager Jeremy Crawford is extraordinary. He has a fantastic maintenance and carpentry staff that work relentlessly to keep this place top notch.

I have had personal contact with the owners who are extremely nice and have been very helpful to me. I am very grateful.

The owners of the complex actually own the company that provides my Internet access. I could go with cable but I have a direct DSL line through them that is the best Internet service I have ever had. They are dedicated to up time, big time. I’ve had their service for over 2 years so I know it works well. My income depends on it. My Eating depends on it. The company name is Belwave .

Be sure and see all the links I have provided in the upper right corner of this site, each one relates to the Luxury Apartments I personally live in. If you are looking for resort type living near downtown Fort Worth then you must check out Residences Of Museum Place.

Bonus Short Term Lease Option

I’ll be honest I actually fear the signing of a new lease. I know how important it is to find a place that you feel comfortable with.

Residences Of Museum Place offers 6 month lease options. That made me feel more comfortable in my decision to live here. I have lived here for over 2 years now.

I feel very lucky to have found this place. Go through this site and see why Residences Of Museum Place should be your next new Fort Worth apartment, a real home. Once you know what I know you will want to live here too.

Residences Of Museum Place Apartments Construction Quality and Security Details:

Residences Of Museum Place, Where Construction Quality Matters

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